30 Pretty Wing Tattoos Inspire You

Wings, I believe many people think of the angel’s wings at the first time, in fact, not only the angel’s wings, don’t forget that the devil also has wings, lovely elves also have wings.

Perhaps, in everyone’s heart, we are eager to have a pair of wings. When we are young, we are eager to have a pair of “independent” wings to free ourselves from the meticulous care of our parents; when we grow up, we are eager to have a pair of “dream” wings to reach the place we are trying to pursue; when we are in pain, we are eager to have a pair of “beyond” wings to help us fly over despair and see hope.

When bound, we are eager to have a pair of “free” wings to reach a world that allows our soul to soar. In real life, maybe everyone has a pair of invisible wings, so the wing tattoo is endowed with the symbolic meaning of courage, strength and striving for upward freedom, which is respected by people.

30 Pretty Wing Tattoos Inspire You

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30 Creative Cross Tattoos You Can Copy

The cross, the symbol of the Neolithic Age in France, is a universal symbol that has existed since ancient times and represents the sun. Babylonian Sun God, usually with circumscribed circle to form the sun wheel. The cross is related to the worship of the sun. Schliemann notes that crosses appear on pottery and on the threads of pedals (about the religion of Troy). With the change of the scintillation disk, two objects appear adjacent to each other at one time. In the bronze age, especially among the Gauls, crosses often appeared on pottery, gems and coins.

In addition, the cross also symbolizes the tree of life, is a reproductive symbol, vertical bar represents male, horizontal bar represents female. The cross appears in Mexico, Peru, and most importantly in Central America, implying four kinds of wind, which are the source of rain. The Dakotas of North America also used the cross to express the four seasons wind.

The meaning of the early cross of ancient Roman god Bacchus reflects the earth in Chinese ideographic characters, which is an equivariant with a box. The cross with the sun depicts the four rivers in heaven. According to the Bible, this is a river flowing out of the garden of Eden. Therefore, this concept has been embodied in the story of Genesis. At the same time, the four rivers have special geographical attributes, and also reflect the theme of a living water river. They flow from God’s source through his morning star, Satan at that time.

As early as in ancient Egypt, the ancient Egyptians living on the banks of the Nile River marked the height of the Nile flood with a cross and predicted drought and food harvest. If the height of the river does not reach a certain height in the proper season, the crops will not be able to bear fruit. Therefore, the ancient Egyptian Cross was worshipped as a symbol of life and reproduction.

30 Creative Cross Tattoos You Can Copy

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30 Elegant Spine Tattoos You Will Love

Do you know where a person’s body is most sexy? Everyone likes very sexy body art, whether you are a man or a woman. Do you dare to challenge spine tattoo? When you want to show off your sexy back, these spine tattoos are a good choice. Back tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo trends.

Are tattoos on the spine dangerous? Some people say that spine tattoos are unhealthy. In fact, this is a rumor, not a fact. The reason why tattoos on the spine are considered unhealthy is that our spine harbors a large number of our nervous system and only covers a thin layer of skin, making it one of the most painful tattoo locations.

What does spine tattoo mean? Spine tattoo symbolizes a person’s strength, because spine is one of the most difficult and painful parts of tattoo. It shows that a person is willing to go through anything that makes him stronger physically and mentally.

30 Elegant Spine Tattoos You Will Love

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30 Ship Tattoos Inspire You to Go Straight Ahead

For many people, tattoo is not only the beautiful and gorgeous design of the tattoo itself, or the design is very handsome. In fact, more people like a tattoo design because they like the implied meaning of the tattoo. There are many tattoo patterns that can have a good meaning, and the ship tattoo is one of them. So what is the meaning of ship tattoo?

Ship tattoo not only has the meaning of plain sailing, but also represents the yearning and fighting spirit of young people for the future. The ship is sailing on the vast ocean, the sea is windy and unpredictable, and the ship can survive and move forward in such an environment, has a certain spirit of adventure and self challenge, fighting spirit.

The ship’s helmsman is with a belief in the sea shuttle, they are real adventurers, the heart of a pirate general persistence and courage, the ship carries people to the boundless sea. No matter what difficulties you experience, it will be plain sailing one day. Ship tattoo means that a person is not hindered by difficulties, to struggle, struggle, failure again and again in order to let us no longer afraid of falling and failure.

30 Ship Tattoos Inspire You to Go Straight Ahead

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30 Pretty Orchid Tattoos You Must Love

Orchid is a common plant flower at home. Elegance, purity and constancy are the moral of orchid. It not only symbolizes brotherhood, but also represents the noble and elegant character. Because orchid has a good moral and symbol, it has the habit of raising orchid at home in ancient times. Many people like to use it to cultivate potted plants all the time.

In addition, orchid and “plum, bamboo, chrysanthemum” juxtaposed, collectively known as the “four gentlemen.”. Generally, “lanzhang” is used to describe the beauty of poetry and “Lanjiao” is used to describe the truth of friendship. There are also orchids to express pure love. Orchid tattoo is often used as a metaphor for brotherhood, which means longevity, wealth and longevity. Therefore, it can also be used to describe the prosperity of future generations. We often say “Lan Jiao” and “yijiejinlan”. They are used to describe the deep friendship between friends and the worship of brothers.

Orchid tattoo symbolizes elegant character. Orchid, the elegant and graceful leaves, the elegant and elegant flowers, and the pure and refreshing fragrance have been loved since ancient times. Therefore, in Chinese traditional culture, raising, appreciating, painting and writing orchids have always been an important way for people to cultivate their sentiment and cultivate their morality. Chinese orchids, known as “national fragrance” and “King fragrance”, have become representatives of high culture.

Orchid tattoo symbolizes beautiful love. Orchids can also convey love. Ancient poets used orchids to express their aspirations and express their pure love for their partners. Many flower friends who don’t know what character orchids symbolize can present them to their lovers to enhance their feelings.

30 Pretty Orchid Tattoos You Must Love

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30 Elegant Iris Tattoos Make You More Charming

Iris is blue, its flower shape is like a butterfly, charming and moving. Now there are large areas of iris growing on the roadsides and parks in the city. This season is when iris is blooming. Its flowers are like a beautiful butterfly dancing among the green leaves. Iris is also suitable for cut flowers, or family grown flowers.

Iris is very common in the city, planting more is the kind of blue flower varieties, colorful, very outstanding. Iris has strong adaptability and cold resistance, so it can be planted in the open field in the north and blooms every spring.

Iris tattoos are very popular. Iris plays an important role in flower tattoo. So, what is the flower language of iris? What is the moral and symbol of iris tattoo? Now let’s have a look together!

1. What is the flower language of iris?

Iris flower language is gorgeous, good news Messenger, miss you, elegant heart, mission, love messenger, this kind of flower represents versatile, with a bright, brilliant personality. Iris has a variety of colors, different colors of flower language is different, white iris flower language is pure, on behalf of simple, romantic; yellow iris flower language is friendly, on behalf of friendship forever, warm and cheerful; blue iris flower language is love and auspicious; purple iris flower language is good news, Messenger, miss you.

2. The meaning and symbol of iris tattoo

Iris has the meaning of “Rainbow” in Greek, which means rich colors. Its generic name is transliterated as “Alice”. Alice is the goddess of rainbow in Greek mythology, so iris means “the messenger of love”. In ancient Egypt, irises represented “power” and “eloquence”. In Israel, yellow irises symbolized “gold”. In Europe, irises symbolized light and freedom. In China, irises symbolized love, friendship and bright future.

30 Elegant Iris Tattoos Make You More Charming

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