20 Awesome PVC Projects for Your Homestead

PVC is a kind of plastic pipe, which is often used in pipeline engineering. In all home improvement stores, PVC pipes are very cheap, quite easy to work with, very durable and very light.

PVC is the favorite of handcrafters. If you want to build something and save some money, here is a collection of the best awesome PVC projects for your homestead.

1. PVC Chicken Feeder

1 PVC Chicken Feeder
(DIY instructions: My Pet Chicken Blog)

38 Ways to Upcycle Glass Jars and Bottles

Unique, beautiful and different tones of glass bottles and bottles are very good transformation projects. Many craftsmen transform ordinary glass bottles or bottles into artistic, interesting and gorgeous projects, such as flower pots, chandeliers, candlesticks, Pendant Lamps and so on.

If you want to add a customized design to your home, unique projects, can be a great choice and add more charm and interest. Here are 38 ways to upcycle glass jars and bottles to home decoration and storage. Hope to stimulate your potential.

1. Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

1 Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

Tutorial: ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com

38 Ingenious DIY Birdhouse Plans and Ideas

Do you like birds? If so, you must like to feed them in the window or yard every day and listen to the birds’happy songs. Building a birdhouse is a good way to attract birds to your yard.

Today, I have provided some gorgeous and unique birdhouse designs for bird lover, which will make your yard more exciting and help you take care of your birds at the same time.

1. Coffee Can Birdhouse

1 Coffee Can Birdhouse
Tutorial: maddambutterfly.hubpages.com

54 Creative DIY Mother’s Day Cards

Mother is the most beautiful and greatest woman in the world and the most important person in our life. On a special day like Mother’s Day, DIY Mother’s Day cards for mothers are a good way to express our love for mothers.

Use DIY Mother’s Day cards to tell our mothers how much we love them. When Mother’s Day comes, if you still can’t decide what to give your mother, this homemade list of mother’s cards will help you.

1. Daisy chain flower pot card

1 Daisy chain flower pot card
Source: karewares.blogspot.ca

23 Brilliant Repurpose Old Drawers Projects

Maybe all of us have useless drawers to collect dust somewhere in the basement or garage. But if you no longer need that old drawer and you don’t know what to do with it, reuse it for other items for your home.

Some of these ideas for readjusting drawers are a quick solution, while others may take a whole weekend. Anyway, if you want to save money and create something unique, you don’t want to miss these 23 brilliant repurpose old drawers projects!

1. Under The Bed Storage

1 Under The Bed Storage
From: The Painted Home

70 DIY Mother’s Day Crafts and Ideas

Mother is the greatest woman in the world, the most important and irreplaceable person in our life. No words can express our gratitude to our mother. On a special day like Mother’s Day, hand-made gifts for mothers are really a good way to show our love for mothers.

A homemade gift tells our mother that it’s worthwhile to spend time and energy preparing gifts for her. Handmade gifts for your mother are never wrong. When Mother’s Day comes, if you still can’t decide what to give your mom, this homemade list of mom’s gifts will help you.

1. Kid-Made Picture Frame Vase

1 Kid-Made Picture Frame Vase
Source: iheartartsncrafts.com