30 Awesome DIY Hula Hoop Projects and Ideas

We all know that hula hoops can exercise and make our bodies slim. But you know what? There are so many interesting and creative things you can do with them! Hula Hoop Chandelier, Hoop Wall Decor, Giant Christmas Wreath, DIY Dream Catcher and so on!

Here are 30 awesome DIY hula hoop projects and ideas that I hope will inspire your creativity.

1. Kid’s Play Canopy Tent

1 Kids Play Canopy Tent

Turn a hula hoop, rope, and two shower curtains into a bright and cheery play canopy tent for your kid. (Tutorial via Making Lemonade)

19 Easy DIY Giant Floor Pillows Tutorials and Ideas

There’s nothing better than lying on a big soft giant pillow on the ground. It’s not as difficult as you think. You can create your own giant floor pillow! Floor pillows are popular products right now. They provide good alternative seats for more banquet guests. Your children will like them too!

Here are 19 easy DIY giant floor pillows tutorials and ideas, which not only as a home decoration, but also comfortable to use, while relaxing with family members or friends.

1. Crocheted Floor Cushions

1 Crocheted Floor Cushions

Tutorial: deliacreates.com

37 Creative DIY Painted Sign Projects and Ideas

Painted Signs are one of the oldest public works of art. They can also easily make on a budgets. DIY painted signs usually use paint and a little creative text to create simple, meaningful and exciting home decoration art!

Today, we have prepared 37 Creative DIY Painted Sign Projects and Ideas for you to make painted signs. I hope these projects and Ideas will help inspire you!

1. Painted “Joy” Sign

1 Painted Joy Sign


18 DIY Colorful Headphones Decor Ideas

It’s an interesting idea to make your headphones colorful. Decorating your headphones or other cables and wires is a good idea. Replace the monotonous color of standard headphones with something more colorful and fresh.

If you have the idea of decoration headphones, you can do it yourself. To inspire you, we found 18 DIY Colorful Headphones Decor Ideas in today’s gallery!

1. Ombre Headphones

1 Ombre Headphones


66 Creative DIY Matchbox Crafts and Ideas

What can be hidden in such a small matchbox? How to use it? It’s better to give a good message hidden in the middle, which can be a decoration or an interesting gift.

These tiny matchboxes are a good gift, and they will certainly bring a smile and happiness to the recipient. In today’s post, we collected 66 Creative DIY Matchbox Crafts and Ideas. I hope you can find the one you like best.

1. Matchbox decorated to look like a suitcase

1 Matchbox decorated to look like a suitcase

Source: confessionsofastampingaddict.com

43 Creative Aluminum Foil Hacks for Your Life

Do you know that aluminum foil is more useful than ordinary kitchen tools? It may be used to straighten hair, as a dryer sheet, etc. These tips for using aluminum foil can change your life. More importantly, they will impress your family and friends. Who won’t be surprised when you use aluminum foil to prevent your bananas from ripening prematurely or sharpen your scissors?

When it comes to aluminium foil, we have collected 43 Creative Aluminum Foil Hacks worth knowing, and you’ll find the whole list in this article.

1. Use tinfoil to curl pin-straight hair with a flat iron

1 Use tinfoil to curl pin-straight hair with a flat iron
The foil will help keep your hair curled for longer periods. Source: happylittlehummingbird.blogspot.ca