24 Great Shoe Storage Ideas

How to store your shoes properly? If you are tired of mountains of sneakers, loafers and boots in your house, please take a look at today’s post of some great shoe storage solutions and ideas. They will help you store your shoes properly and save place in your closet.
The main purpose of shoes storage is to prolong the life of your shoes, save your storage space, and make finding them a breeze. Shoes need to be protected from dust, water, and sunshine so they won’t get moldy, discolored or misshapen. Clean and dry your out-of-season shoes and sort them by season and kind. Then keep them in shoe cabinet or in clear boxes to visually identify its contents. Make sure they are stored in a dark and temperature-controlled storage space. For the shoes you’re wearing every day, free-standing shelves or clever shoe racks are smart ways to keep them organized and beautiful stages to show them off.
Learn how to store your shoes with these cleverest shoe storage solutions and ideas. Put some of these creative ideas into practice and you’ll be surprised how helpful they are! Get start now.

Revolving Shoe Rack

1 Revolving Shoe Rack


38 Awesome DIY Back To School Supplies

As summer comes to an end, it’s time for parents to get prepared for various school supplies. Instead of spending too much on commercial products, these DIY back to school projects are great alternatives to add personal touches as well as creativity to break out from ordinary things.
Here are some crafty and cost-effective ways to stock up on adorable back to school supplies to bring your kids a lot of fun and surprises.

Washi Tape DIY Page Dividers


Add washi tape to the divider, it would be perfect if the pattern of the tape matches with the colors of the divider. It’s super easy yet useful. Get the instructions here

Top 10 Ikea Lack Table Hacks Tutorial and Ideas

Taking a piece of IKEA’s simple product and making it more unique and custom with some DIY tricks to meet individual needs is an IKEA hacker’s duty and dream. IKEA hacks are popular not only in the United States, but all around the world. Today I’d like to bring you the top 10 creative ideas for IKEA Lack table hacks.
If you have been to IKEA, you must be very familiar with the products in IKEA LACK series, especially the LACK tables. The amazing price and wide color selection of IKEA Lack tables make this piece of furniture a staple in households around the globe.
While Lack tables from IKEA feature a relatively simple design. Most homeowners don’t want it to look like a cheap and simple table in their house. That’s where some well-planned and creative IKEA hacks come into play and provide tons of ways to hack or modify the Lack tables and turn them into the unique and personal home decor pieces you really want. Take a look at these incredible LACK table hack ideas I rounded up recently for your inspiration.

Pin Stripe a Table with Painter’s Tape

1 Pin Stripe a Table with Painter’s Tape

See the detailed tutorial here

20 Awesome Backyard Lighting Ideas To Boost Your Summer Fun

Summer is a great time for outdoor entertaining with friends and family in our backyards and gardens. Having good outdoor lighting can make your outdoor space a more intimate, warm, enjoyable and inviting spot to visit with beloved ones, have a late snack, or sip on a good glass of red and is guaranteed to make everyone’s world a better place. It seems that nothing sets the mood quiet and brighten the vibe better than both functional and decorative outdoor lighting.
Now take a look at these incredible backyard lighting ideas we gathered recently to help you find a proper inspiration. They are a cheap and easy way to get your backyard beautiful for summer entertaining. Some of these outdoor lights are handmade from the recycled materials with a bit of creativity, like mason jars, tin cans, wine bottles and so on. Try these backyard lighting ideas and tutorials and start to illuminate your outdoor space with the soft glow of string lights, set the table with flickering candles, and place a few DIY lanterns in unexpected places to frame a memorable evening. You yard will be much brighter and more entertaining and enjoyable when the sun goes down.

Cracked Log Lamps

1 Cracked Log Lamps

See more details here.

20 DIY Wire Projects – Tutorials & Ideas To Make Crafts From Wire

Copper wire has many unique properties. It is bendable, flexible and versatile in a variety of projects. People are also finding more and more uses for these qualities, which has turned copper wire into a popular material for different projects. While crafting with wire couldn’t be easier and some wire crafting can consist of elaborate sculptures that require years of practice and days or even weeks of work to create, wire crafting doesn’t have to be complicated to be good and it is durable, cheap and looks fantastic when you’re finished.
Today we have rounded up a list of super awesome things to make from wire, which surely feed your inspiration banks. These creative ideas include crafts for everything ranging from jewelry to home decor to holiday gifts. Let’s check out these DIY wire inspirations and get our own crafts on.

DIY Wind Chime

1 DIY Wind Chime


25 Creative Ideas & Tutorials to Make Decorative Letters

Letters are amazing decoration idea these days. From personalizing an accent wall in a child’s room to creating your own monogram wall decor, letters are ideal for the project and make a strong statement in any decor style. Adorable and whimsical fabric or pom pom letters with pictures can be hung on a nursery wall for your child’s room or to give as a gift for a new baby. If you are a lover of shabby chic style, decorative letters made with wine corks, pieces of burlap, wood and cardboards will be perfect for your home decor. Sea shell, twine decorative letters are an ideal option for a nautical home décor.
There are many other creative ways to craft with letters and all of them are quite fun to do. In this post. We have collected some creative ways to craft with letters recently, which surely inspire you. These crafts are pretty easy on the pockets and sure to get you started on your own DIY home décor adventures. Happy crafting!

DIY Monogram Wall Art

1 DIY Monogram Wall Art