40 Chic Angled Bob Haircuts

Just chop it all off! Short hair has numerous advantages – manageability, trendiness and versatility, to name a few. This article will detail 40 angled bob cuts and give you insight as to why they are so hot and popular!

Ready for that dream vacation? Here is a fresh new style to take on the road with you! The longer sections of curls are cut at an angle to lengthen the front. Style with bangs swept over the forehead to blend with the side waves.

#2: Teal and Charcoal Curly Bob

An angled bob haircut is a new and popular style, both for straight and curly hair. Side swept bangs give a flirty look to the longer bob pictured here, with teal dye accenting the ends of the curls. A wedge in the back shapes the perfect silhouette of the style!
2 asymmetrical wavy brunette bob with teal ends