40 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Christmas

You must make some Christmas crafts with your children at Christmas. Toilet rolls are something everyone has at home. Toilet Paper Rolls are neither sharp nor difficult to operate. They are also very plastic, so you can bend and fold at will. It’s a pity to throw them away. You can use them to make cool Christmas crafts.

Today in this article we have a list of 40 creative Christmas crafts that you can make with toilet paper rolls! So find some empty toilet paper rolls at home and make some Christmas crafts with your kids.

1. Cardboard Tube Olaf

1 Cardboard Tube Olaf
Source: Crafts by Amanda

33 Fun Things To Do with Balloons

All kids like to blow balloons. All kinds of balloons are cheap and fun. Balloons are indispensable for all kinds of activities and weddings. They are very suitable for decorating various spaces because they have rich colors. You just need a little creativity to create some cool decorative effects.

Today, I share with you some fun ideas about how to use balloons! You can browse through 33 Fun Things To Do with Balloons at will. Choose a try you like. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

1. Balloons Filled with Notes Gift

1 Balloons Filled with Notes Gift

Source: fun-squared.com

30 Awesome DIY Outdoor Fire Pits Ideas

Any outdoor space must have a fir pit. They are a great focus and popular entertainment venue. But making a perfect fire pit for your backyard is a challenge. How about making a fire pit by yourself? It’s not as hard as you think, and it’s much cheaper!

Today you are in the right place. Here are 30 DIY fire pit ideas that will absolutely amaze your friends and family.

1. DIY Fire Pit Kit

1 DIY Fire Pit Kit

Source: redheadcandecorate.com

30 Great DIY Grandparents Day Crafts to Get You Inspired

In the United States, the first Sunday after Labor Day in September is Grandparents Day, which is held throughout the country. Grandparents’Day is coming. How should we express our love for our grandparents? Homemade Grandparents’Day crafts are the best way to express our love for our grandparents without wasting money.

In this article today, we collected 30 homemade Grandparents Day crafts. I hope you can get inspiration. Start making it with your kids. Grandparents can’t stop laughing when they see your homemade gift.

1. Handprint Family Tree

1 Handprint Family Tree
Source: unknown

16 Creative Ways To Upcycle Old Teacups

Do you have old teacups in the cupboard in your home? They may never be used, they are too wasteful to throw away, and they waste space there. Now is the time to Upcycle them in new ways.

Here are 16 creative ways to upcycle old teacups and beautify your environment. Hopefully these methods will inspire you and your old teacups will not be wasted from now on.

1. Teacup Pendant Light Shades

1 Teacup Pendant Light Shades
Source: Flamingo Toes

24 Fun and Easy DIY Sea Glass Craft Projects

Sea glass refers to the artificial abandoned glass which loses its edges and corners and becomes as smooth as pebbles after a long time of polishing by sea water or sand on the beach. It is called artificial sea glass. Some of them are manually polished.

We often find sea glass when we walk on the beach. The SEA GLASS project is very suitable for beach villas or any room that needs a navigational style. Sea glass can also be used to make cute fashion accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces or wind chimes.

There are 24 Fun and Easy DIY Sea Glass Craft Projects, which are the perfect choice for beach enthusiasts and ocean glass collectors. If you don’t have ready-made sea glass, you can buy it in a crafts store.

1. Rock And Sea Glass Art

1 Rock And Sea Glass Art

Source: pinterest.com