16 DIY Fall Decoration Projects

The fall is a beautiful time of the year with strong colors everywhere, and it’s also my favorite time of year for DIY decor. In today’s post, we have a roundup of how to bring the beauty of autumn indoors to your rooms and backyards. With a bit of handiwork and creativity, you can transform the autumn foliage into many economical, stylish and functional crafts for our home decor or as unique and personalized handmade presents for special occasions to your loved ones. Just take 5 minutes to browse through the most 15 creative fall crafts which will surely inspire you much. Start now! Have fun!

Use Metallic-dipped Leaves to Make a Festive Garland

1 Use Metallic-dipped Leaves to Make a Festive Garland

This simple DIY project is perfect for adding some sparkle to your fall decor. Tutorial via

25 DIY Wall Shelf Project Ideas & Tutorials

Shelving is a must and a critical part of many homes. Whether you need something for storage or you want to add a touch of décor to your home, shelves are the perfect solution. For example, a custom shelf on an empty and white wall or corner can be a real decorative display in your living or dining room and bring more character and style. While many store-bought shelves can be very expensive and may also be limited in its creativity. By using some basic carpentry skills, you can create your own shelving, whether it be multi-level bookshelves or a single shelf hung on the wall, you will have fun and save money.
Today in this post, we have found plenty of ways to make our own personalized shelves for every space. These creative ideas are all provided with lots of tutorials, so you can completely DIY by yourself. They are frugal, easy, and will add the perfect touch of décor and function to your home. Whether you need something in the bathroom to store beauty supplies or in the nursery for baby items, there is a shelf here that is perfect for you.

DIY Triangle Shelves

1 DIY Triangle Shelves

See the tutorial here.

30 Easy & Fun Outdoor Games You Can Do It Yourself

Summer days are the perfect time to relax and enjoy some fun outdoor games with family and friends. Family reunions, cookouts, company events and block parties are all opportunities to play outdoor games. There certainly are many fun things you can buy, but you can easily “DIY” some with a bit of creativity and handiwork! Tic tac toe, corn hole board, giant color blocked Jenga, monster bean bag toss and more are simple and cheap to make. If you are still struggling with the ideas of outdoor games, congratulations! You are right here.
Today we are sharing with you some creative and interesting DIY outdoor games. Most of these games are easy and inexpensive to make and they would also make great party games for any occasion. This great list of ideas is sure to provide you with endless hours of outdoor fun this summer time!

Monster Bean Bag Toss


See more here.

28 Creative DIY Ways to Repurpose Your Old Jeans

Old clothing tends to pile up and collect dust while taking up space in boxes or closets. If you’re anything like us, you’ll also probably hate the idea of letting any old clothes go to waste,especially the awesome pair of jeans you’ve been wearing for years. When thinking creatively, you can transform these durable and versatile fabric into something totally wow-worthy with a bit of handiwork and a little of creativity. The old denim jeans can be repurposed into a wide variety of functional decorations and accessories for your home, like some pillow cases, throws, wreathes and wall art works. Old jeans are also the best source for some back to school supplies, such as pencil cases or book covers.
From unique home decor items to stylish accessories and kids toys, here are more than 25 creative and easy ways to repurpose any pair of denim jeans that we rounded up recently for your inspiration. To get the particular tutorials, just click the link below the pictures and it will take you to the post where you’ll find the link for the tutorial. Just take 5 minutes to browse through these creative DIY old jeans repurposing ideas and get crafty.

DIY Christmas Decor

1  DIY Christmas Decor

See the tutorial here.

30 DIY Ideas & Tutorials To Refashion Your Shoes

New shoe trends will come together with each new season approaching. Dear fashion girls are all dying to try ourselves. But looking at your closets, old shoes tend to pile up and collect dust while taking up much space. When thinking creatively, why buy not DIY? With a bit of handiwork and a little of creativity, you can totally transform these out-of-date shoes into the most fashionable and crafty ones without much cost.
If you’re looking for a fashionable way to upgrade your shoes from last year’s styles, here are tons of awesome and creative ways for your inspiration, no matter for flats, heels, tennis shoes or sandals. These creative ideas include creating jeweled heels, neon converse with a few ombre numbers in between, refashion your shoes with lace, rhinestones and leather, adding costume earring or pom pom clips and even spray paint. Star to get crafty and express your creativity and take your shoes to the next level now!

DIY Tassel Heels Just Using Some Tassels and Rope

1 DIY Tassel Heels Just Using Some Tassels and Rope

See the directions here.

23 Creative Under Bed Storage Ideas for Bedroom

A bed takes up a great deal of room, whether in the master bedroom, the kids’ rooms or the guest suite. If you have storage problems, so why not make full use of the valuable space beneath when thinking creatively. You can take advantage of the space under the bed to store toys, stow away seasonal items or extend limited closet and dresser space.
Take a look at these creative under bed storage ideas in this post, which are ranging from wood rack shoe organizer or storage drawers on wheels to DIY under bed rolling storage crates or painted cardboard box. These storage solutions provide clever ways to use space that might otherwise go to waste and to help inspire you to get organized.

DIY Under Bed Rolling LEGO Storage Cart

1 DIY Under Bed Rolling LEGO Storage Cart

This creative rolling cart makes it really easy to keep the lego in one place. A perfect design for your kids’ room. Get the tutorial here.