20 Beautiful DIY Paint Chip Crafts

Whenever shopping for house paints to paint your walls, you will find you bring home a number of paint sample chips. Over the years, you may end up with quite a collection of them in your junk drawers, having saved them for future ideas. Actually, these vibrant paint sample chips have become a crafting obsession for its brilliant and varying colors. You can upcycle them into artsy , fun and gorgeous projects and crafts, like chandeliers, calendars, bookmarks, magnets, earrings, necklaces, and even paint chip art for your walls with a do-it-yourself attitude and a bit of creativity rather than becoming a pile of trash in the recycle bins.
Click through for the greatest and amazing crafts that are created out of paint chips we have rounded up in this post! We’re betting that you will not be hesitate to take out the collected paint chips from your junk drawer and preparing to do the perfect project for your own.

Paint Chip Boxes

1 Paint Chip Boxes


20 Easy Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know

It’s always a pain to clean your house, especially when you’re too tired or too lazy. Even you spend plenty of time everyday to wear yourself out by scrubbing, it’s really hard to keep your house feel like new. For saving time and cleaning easier, you should know some cleaning hacks.
In today’s list, we have a roundup of some easy cleaning hacks that you should know. Save this so you can easily find how to sparkle your stainless steel sink in seconds with lemons and salt, or remove terrible kitchen cabinet gunk without striking a blowing using vegetable oil and baking soda.

Clean Window Sills With Q-Tips

1 Clean Window Sills With Q-Tips

Get the steps here

21 Creative Ways to Use Kitchen Utensils

Do you have many extra kitchen utensils that you simply don’t use anymore, like silver or plastic spoons, forks and knives? Don’t just throw them away, you can still use them in creative ways and turn them into some creative pieces with a few tools and a little creativity.
Recycling and repurposing these old pieces of utensils into crafts gives them a new life which can be so much fun and chic! Here we have collected several creative and unique ideas on how to turn junk silver like silver spoon and forks into or DIY home decor items! These utensil crafts include Some old silver spoons are turned to fantastic and amazing homemade gifts such as charm bracelets, rings, wind chime, a cutlery IPhone Stand and other personal adornments. Some are cleverly upgraded to functional and decorative items like spoon hooks, a sunburst mirror, DIY silverware lamp and DIY utensil clock and more. Let’s head over to these incredible old utensils upcycle ideas and get more inspiration.

Unique Fork Ring

1 Unique Fork Ring


26 Easy to Make DIY Gift Ideas and Tutorials

Shopping the right gift for your loved ones is never an easy task. The gifts you can afford always are not what your receivers really want. If your loved ones seem to have absolutely everything already, you can give them personal and one-of-a-kind DIY gifts instead of store-bought gifts made by using emotionless machines or by people who don’t know the worth of your relationship.
The purpose in giving gifts made by yourself is to show how special the recipient is because of the time, effort and love you spent on these gifts. And handmade gifts are wonderful for any occasion whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary. Some people may think handmade gifts mean cheap and unusable stuff. We now know that was not true. In fact, handmade gifts like knitting, sewing or crocheting crafts may indeed cost you more to purchase materials than to purchase a completed item at the store. And from home decor to clothing, homemade crafts can be both unique and usable.
Today we have rounded up some easy to make DIY gifts ideas and tutorials for your inspiration. There’s everything from DIY paint-splattered umbrella to DIY wool felt ball coasters that you won’t be able to find in your local store… All of them are unique or different enough to strike a memory or spark a laugh. Have fun browsing through all the DIY gifts.

DIY Acorn Marble Necklace

1 DIY Acorn Marble Necklace

These handmade acorn marble necklaces make wonderful gifts and birthday party favors. Get the tutorial here

34 Easy DIY Decorative Pillow Tutorials & Ideas

Pillows really talk in home decorating. You can use vibrant throw and accent pillows in every room in your house to pretty up an entire room’s decor and deliver a bold color statement. But sometimes you can’t spend a ton of money on decorative items and you have to sacrifice some of them such as throw pillows. Don’t be discouraged, you can sew your own decorative pillows or give a little pop or change to the plain pillows at home.
Today we’ve rounded up some easy DIY decorative pillow tutorials & ideas for your inspiration. These creative ideas include simple printing some funny or elegant pictures, adding pop color, cute Mondo pom trim, felt leaves and white cotton balls and more. With this list, you can DIY cute throw pillows that fit your decor and save money.

DIY Reading Pillow for Book Lovers

1 DIY Reading Pillow for Book Lovers

Get the instructions here

21 Fun and Easy DIY Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboard paint has been popular with home decor for a long time. It’s a form of art that you can draw on any surface from walls to furniture to appliances. And it is available in varying shades of color. It’s pretty much a gift to home decoration, and super fun to DIY. You can paint everyday objects like jars, trays, dressers, wine glasses and you can create unique gift tags, garden markers and decorative items.
Take a look at these easy and creative DIY chalkboard ideas and see what some really talented craft lovers have done with chalkboard paint. And to turn some of them is really fun. You can create chalkboard decor to compliment your home design, or deck out your entire ceremony and reception with chalkboard inspired items for a fun chalkboard holiday or party!

DIY Travel Train Box for Kids

1 DIY Travel Train Box for Kids

Get the tutorial here