30 Clever Diy Wine Cork Crafts Projects

Most wine enthusiasts recycle glasses after drinking a bottle. Some of them use glass for creative and beautiful home decoration crafts. But do you know how to handle the wine stopper? Next time you open a bottle of wine, don’t throw corks into the trash can. Wine corks can make creative things you like. In today’s post, we will share some amazing and useful wine cork crafts and projects for your inspiration.

It takes only five minutes to browse through these creative crafts and projects to become cunning. You can make some simple drawer handles with corks in your spare time. The corks are well heated, so you can paint them in beautiful colors and make cup mats to protect your table.

You can also make gorgeous wine cork chandeliers to decorate great families. So what’s on your list of things to do? When you try, I want to hear from them. Hope this is a good rest, in your day, you are now pressurizing and creating tons of inspiration!

Wine Cork Boats

32 Wine Cork Boats


30 DIY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day That You Can Make

Valentine’s Day is a festival in which we want to show our relatives our concern for them. Don’t know what to buy on Valentine’s Day? Make a gift personally!

Sweetheart will appreciate your efforts in making gifts. Gifts should not be limited to shopping for expensive items. If you have no idea about the gift, please see our suggestion.

In today’s gallery, you will only find some of the most unique gifts about Valentine’s Day, which will not cost you much time and money. Create a romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day.

Table Decorations From Tea Candles & Colored Card

Create these cute ‘hearty’ tealights from corrugated cardboard and paper strips.

1 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day That You Can Make Yourself

Tutorial: dreamhomedecorating.com

34 Genius Ways To Repurpose Your Old Jeans

Somewhere in the house, you must have old jeans that are no longer popular or simply worn. Do not throw them away! There are many interesting ways they can be converted into new and original things.

In today’s summary report to you, 34 Genius Ways To Repurpose Your Old Jeans projects that will inspire you to the remake the old jeans into a truly amazing thing.

1. Picnic Quilt

1 Genius Ways To Repurpose Your Old Jeans
Upcycle some old jeans and fabric scraps to create a pretty picnic quilt with carrying strap!

Tutorial: cutesycrafts.com

36 DIY Sandbox Ideas and Projects for Kids

A backyard sandbox is a simple and inexpensive way to provide hours of fun and creativity for children. They will have a lot of interesting digging holes, building castles, creating moats and playing.

So if you don’t have a sandbox yet, we collected 36 cool DIY sandbox ideas for you, these ideas are cheap, easy, and can be done in an afternoon.

1. Shaded Comfort Sandbox

2 Cheap and Easy DIY Sandbox Ideas with Tutorials
{Tutorial at: Grizaland}

26 DIY Planter Ideas For Your Front Porch

When people visit your home, your front porch is usually the first sight they see. In addition, some creative planters can instantly improve your attractiveness and even make your home more valuable.

Here are 26 DIY Planter Ideas For Your Front Porch, making your front porch beautiful and original. Your neighbors will be jealous!

1. Modern House Number Planter

2 Unique  DIY Planter Ideas For Your Front Porch

Welcome your guests in style by making a stunning wall-mounted planter box with your house numbers on it. [Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess]

50 Cool and Useful Things You Can Create With Dollar Store Picture Frames

Dollar store Picture Frames are just used to frame your pictures? The answer is no. You can decorate your home with picture frames in many ways. For example a Frame Key Holder, a Picture Frame Wall Decor, a DIY Magnetic Makeup Storage, and so on.

Here I collect 50 Cool and Useful Things You Can Create With Dollar Store Picture Frames. You need to check out these cool and useful projects using cheap picture frames you can buy at your local dollar store.

1. DIY Faux Succulent Garden using Dollar Store Frames

2 Awesome Things You Can Make With Dollar Store Picture Frames
{Tutorial via My Anything & Everything}