40 Clever Household Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Are you a clever housewife who is always on the looking for genius household hacks for an easier life? With so much excitement about learning to improve my household skills, I thought it would be a good time to pull together a list of all sorts of easy household hacks for you to find in one place.

Just take 5 minutes to browse the easy and creative household hacks and tutorials and get inspired. You can recycle a plastic bottle to help little children wash their hands with a little spare time. It’s a very smart way to tape a laundry bag to the inside of your tumble dryer door for easy drying of sports shoes. Don’t have time to go for vegetables purchasing? You can use a paper towel to keep your salad lettuce fresh all week long. So which ones are going on your list of things to do? I Would love to hear about them when you give them a try. Hope this was a nice little break in your day and that you are now supercharged with tons of creating inspiration!

The Most Efficient and Easy Way To Clean Window Blinds

1 Clever Household Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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8 Awesome DIY Ideas for Your Purse

For many women, their purse is an extension of themselves. All of your daily essentials go inside of your purse, from your wallet and smartphone to your keys, Chapstick, tissues and more. All of these things can make your purse feel cluttered and disorganized.

Check out these awesome DIY ideas for your purse, which allow you to personalize your purse. From interior organizers that keep small things like tampons and lipsticks separate so that you do not grab the wrong thing, to padded sections to keep your phone safe, you can implement these easy to make, DIY ideas. You can even choose fun materials such as cotton fabrics or easy cleaning materials in case of a leak or a spill. Add in a colorful zipper pull, an easy to grasp fabric handle and simple snaps, and your purse will be a reflection of you.

Easy DIY Purse Organizer

1 Awesome DIY Ideas for Your Purse

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10 DIY Cord Organizers That Will Keep Your Home Clean

Cables, cords and chargers have become an unavoidable – if unsightly – part of life in the 21st Century. Even “cordless” products still have to be charged at some time, which can sometimes make your home feel like one giant charging station. For some people, even their cars need to be charged at the end of the day! While our electronic and other cordless devices make our lives so much easier in some ways, managing all of the many cables, cords and chargers that our devices and appliances require can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task.

If you feel like your house has just become one giant mass of cables and cords, there is hope! Here, we have assembled for you a killer list of the very best cable and cord organizers that will keep your home neat, tidy and free of cable clutter.

Use Washi Tape Labels to Identify the Mess of Cords

1 DIY Cord Organizers That Will Keep Your Home Clean
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20 Totally Free Ways to Organize Your Home

Looking for ways to organize your home, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it? In fact, you can keep your home neat and tidy without spending a dime!

We have searched the internet to find the best organization ideas that will make your life so much easier. Check them out!

1. Organize Your Cords

2 Totally Free Ways to Organize Your Home

Use toilet paper rolls to organize your tangled cords. Wrap them with washi tape to make them more attractive. (Via: Our Thrifty Ideas)

10 DIY Potting Bench Ideas To Make Gardening Work Easier

A potting bench is a must-have for anyone who enjoys gardening. It helps gardeners more effectively tend to their garden while at the same time provides for a wide variety of storage solutions for gardening tools and other types of related accessories.

There are so many potting benches on the market, but instead of spending a bunch of money on buying such a gardening table, you can make one on your own. Here’s a great collection of DIY potting bench ideas to inspire you.

1. Portable Potting Bench

2 DIY Potting Bench Ideas To Make Gardening Work Easier

Make gardening easier with a portable potting bench that can be easily moved around your garden. (DIY instructions: Today’s Homeowner)

15 Creative DIY Chicken Coop Designs

Chicken coops are the necessity of all chicken keepers. They give homesteading chickens a safe and secure place to live, protecting them from predators and bad weather.

Most coops sold in the market are expensive, so we’ve put together 15 creative DIY chicken coop designs that can be built at home on a budget.

1. Repurposed Dog House Into a Chicken Coop

2 Creative DIY Chicken Coop Designs

If you have an old dog house laying around you can easily turn it into a cute little chicken coop. (DIY instructions: Glass Slipper Restorations)