26 Easy and Cool Pipe Cleaner Crafts To Make With Kids

Find creative ways to use pipe cleaners? Pipe cleaners are some of our favorite entertainment items for children and keep your kids busy for hours. They come in a variety of colours, are quite cheap, and are completely versatile.

From a Cute pipe cleaner Dog to other interesting activities and crafts, we present you 26 Easy and Cool Pipe Cleaner Crafts that your children will like!

1. Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots

19 pipe-cleaner-vase-button-flowers
(Tutorial via craftsbyamanda)

35 Clever DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Who doesn’t have a few empty Toilet Paper Rolls? If not, start saving them. There are many lovely crafts, just require little more than that hollow tube.

Toilet paper roll crafts are interesting and easy to do. It is a good way to recycle Toilet Paper Rolls. Here are 35 Clever DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts along with links to the tutorials. Enjoy and don’t forget to share!

1. Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

2 Clever Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls
Tutorial via Proverbs 31 Life

35 Fun and Easy Scrap Fabric Projects

If you’re looking for Scrap Fabric Projects, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered up 35 Fun and Easy Scrap Fabric Projects
that you can use those scraps of fabric very well.

From Fabric Scrap Key Rings to Fabric Scrap Bookmarks or Fabric Flower, we’ve got a lot of useful Scrap Fabric Projects in here for everyone.

1. Fabric covered flip flops

27 Fun and Easy Scrap Fabric Projects
Fabric covered flip flops via Morena’s Corner

25 Paper Cups Crafts To Make

I started searching for the best Paper Cups Crafts and I find not too many solutions. On the other hand, I’m pleasantly surprised, because it’s so much on the internet! Who would have thought that the paper cups you could make so many wonderful and interesting things, and at the same time make you have fun! Today’s project is easy and interesting. It can also play with children who enjoy it.

In today’s article, I share with you 25 projects made ​​from paper cups. I have a few projects that I created, and I hope you will find some interesting things that will inspire you!

Paper Cups Light

1 Paper Cups Crafts To Make
Paper cups used for coffee, tea or water can be very easily recycled to make an eco-friendly exotic lamp.

Tutorial: aditiodyssey.wordpress.com

20 Innovative Ways to Reuse Empty Tissue Boxes

Everyone has tissues at home. Once the tissues are used up, the boxes usually end up right in the trash. However, it turns out there are a bunch of really cool and useful things you can make from empty tissue boxes.

There are 20 Innovative Ways to Reuse Empty Tissue Boxes that you can repurpose those empty tissue boxes and turn them into amazing creations.

 1   Upcycle a tissue box into a pretty storage container

2 Creative Ways to Reuse Empty Tissue Boxes
via Southern Flair Crafts

30 Great Things You Can Do With Soda Cans

Have a lot of soda cans lying around the house? Instead of throwing them into the garbage or recycling bin, consider recycling them into something cool!

From gifts to fantastic home decorations, here are 30 great things you can do with soda cans. I hope you can find one or two projects you want to make.

1. Vertical Garden with Coca Cola Cans

7 Amazing Things You Can Do with Empty Soda Cans
Source: Recyclart