20 Creative and Stylish No-carve Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

Pumpkins are popular during the fall season, whether used as a dish or as a decorative piece. Homes are often decorated with various pumpkins this time of the year, especially during Halloween. With a bit of handiwork and creativity, you can transform this autumn harvest fruit into many economical, stylish and functional crafts for our home decor.
Today we have rounded up some cutest no-carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween decoration, which will surely inspire you much. Take time to browse through these pictures and welcome the warmer hues of fall with your favorite one.

DIY Black & White Glam Pumpkin

1 DIY Black & White Glam Pumpkin

This white faux pumpkin is decorated with rhinestones, a decorative black and white bat ribbon and a paper Mache witch hat. See the directions at A Pumpkin and A Princess.

22 Most Creative and Adorable Pine Cone Crafts

It’s the time of year when there are tons of pine cones everywhere! These adorable rounded woody fruits of a pine tree come in so many shapes and sizes, and there are lots of ways to use them to make nature crafts. They are a fun accent for wreaths and floral arrangements and look beautiful when displayed on a mantel or coffee table for holiday decorations. Pine cones can be also a crafty obsession for kids. They can turn them into so many different and adorable things as well!
Here I have listed my favorite pine cone crafts both for kids’ fun and home decoration, which will inspire you. From gorgeous DIY wreaths to adorable homemade ornaments, the list of DIY pine cone crafts goes on and on. Just take 5 minutes to browse through these creative and adorable pine cone crafts. Go pine cone gathering in your neighborhood and bring home as many as you want and get crafty. Enjoy!

Painted and Glittered Pine Cones

1 Painted and Glittered Pine Cones

Spray paint your pinecones in bright colors and make a stand-out display in your home. source

25 Beautiful DIY Mercury Glass Paint Ideas

Mercury glass also known as silvered glass is glass that has a silvery appearance. Though it’s called mercury glass, it actually contains no mercury. Mercury glass has a very similar look to antique mirrors that are mottled. And you can get the excellent sparkling shine mercury glass effect with mirror paint. Mercury glass paint has many colors such as silver, gold, blue and pink.

The vintage class look of mercury glass can instantly create atmosphere in any space. So people today are more and more obsessed with using mercury glass in their home decorating. But the beautiful mercury glass items always come with high price tags. The good news is beautiful mercury glass can be made with your own hand and the process is easy, frugal, creative and fulfilling. In today’s post, we’re sharing some of the most beautiful ideas and tutorials showing you how to make cheap decorations look like mercury glass. With a variety of goodwill glass pieces, a little spray paint, and the scratched mercury technique, you can get your own unique and vintage looking mercury glass in no time at all!

Browse these photos of mercury glass projects to find more ideas and how to make them with your own hands. They are all very beautiful and creative, and you won’t believe how easy it is to make!
We’ve been working on this list for a long time, but I’m sure there are many more awesome DIY ideas that we’ve missed. So if you know one or have done a cool DIY project for your home, feel free to share it in the comments! Thank you!

Spray Paint Faux Mercury Glass

1 Spray Paint Faux Mercury Glass

Get this simple look with krylon looking glass mirror like spray paint. The trick is to spray water on the vases before the paint. It gives it the mist effect. source

39 Creative DIY Wreath Ideas and Tutorials

There’s nothing like DIY wreaths to evoke people’s memories of festivals. They add joy to your home entirely at the door or on the wall. If you’re looking for ideas that make your home look beautiful, unique and compelling, take a look at this creative DIY wreath idea and tutorial list for you.

These Festival wreaths range from classical and traditional to charming, modern or rural styles. Many of them have step by step tutorials, and they are very fast to produce. Choose one from this list to make a cool wreath for your holiday decorations.

DIY Santa Wreath

1 DIY Santa Wreath

Make cheap but fantastic DIY wreath for Christmas decorating. Get the tutorial via mk-creations

52 Gorgeous Spring And Easter Wreath Ideas

It’s time to celebrate Spring and Easter with some beautiful home decorations. There’s nothing like homemade wreaths that evoke memories of warm and happy times. If you want to make your home look beautiful, fresh and colorful, check out this list of gorgeous spring and Easter wreath ideas.

In addition, many of them have step-by-step tutorials and are easy to make. These spring and Easter wreaths will certainly add more freshness and joy to your home decoration!

Awesome DIY Spring Tulip Wreath

1 Awesome DIY Spring Tulip Wreath
This beautiful tulip wreath might look complicated but it is SO easy to make. Just grab a goodwill wreath and your glue gun! Get the tutorial via fromthefamilywithlove.

25 Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

We always worry about some everyday clothing problems. Today, we are happy to share with you many ingenious and best clothing hacks and tricks to make your life easier.

It only takes 5 minutes to browse through these clothing hacks and learn some useful skills so that you know what to do next time you encounter these problems. This is a collection of the most creative clothing hackers that every woman should know.

DIY Bra Strap Concealer

1 DIY Bra Strap Concealer

Smart clothing trick! Keeping your bra strap concealed and your wide neck shirts from falling off of your shoulder by sewing a small strap. All it takes are a few thin strips of fabric and sew-on press studs. Tutorial via Recycled Fashion.