20 Awesome Headboard Wall Decoration Ideas

Headboard wall decoration can transform the look and feel of your bedroom. Headboards are a great way to tie your bed design in with the rest of your bedroom furniture. You can either buy a simple readymade one or you can DIY with what you have to make a perfect match to your bedroom. You also have to decide on the colors and patterns to use on things such as wall beds and pillow. Check out these awesome headboard wall decoration ideas, which help to turn your bedroom into an enchanted space.

Shabby Chic Gallery Wall with Vintage Painted and Distressed Empty Picture Frames

1 Shabby Chic Gallery Wall with Vintage Painted and Distressed Empty Picture Frames

43 Over The Toilet Storage Ideas For Extra Space

The idea of storage over the toilet is basically a budget-friendly creation of storage space in an area that had not been previously utilized in most houses. This space will ensure a more organized, useful room and prevent the room from looking bulky.

Basically people have taken a toilet as a place to be secluded and not for any other use as in the traditional belief, but this area is great for storage and organizing. Check out these creative over the toilet storage ideas, which ensure extra storage space to be utilized in the toilet room while also making the bathroom beautiful.

Bathroom Ladder Over The Toilet For Storage

1 Bathroom Ladder Over The Toilet For Storage
Take a ladder shelf and left out the bottom 2 rows to fit perfectly over the toilet. This could make for extra storage space without looking too bulky. Get the tutorial via jennasuedesign.

39 Cool Indoor and Outdoor Vertical Garden Ideas

The idea of vertical gardens is to combine modern and old-fashioned indoor and outdoor garden designs. It is also a perfect solution for almost any garden structure to create vertical gardening rooms. This ensures the use of small spaces.

Although they need to be watered regularly, they contribute to good air circulation. In fact, it seems that the only decorations are carefully planned and balanced water, nutrition, power systems, pumping and friendly lighting systems. Look at the idea of these cool vertical gardens indoors and outdoors, which will add more style and natural appearance to your home.

DIY Vertical Garden Wall

1 DIY Vertical Garden Wall
Build a wooden structure with fence between it. Hang flower vessels on the fence vertically. Get the tutorial via akadesign.

30 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends

Giving your best friend a gift can be a torture. You want it to be special, showing that you love them and value them, and that you know them very well, that you can understand their likes and dislikes. Most importantly, you want it to be special, which is why it always takes months of careful preparation, investigation and planning.

But there’s one thing you should know. Whether your best friend is a girl or a man, a person who already has everything, or a person who doesn’t care about material things at all, in fact, the thoughts and efforts you put into making gifts for your best friend are the most important.

So whether you’re looking for something weird and original, or buying, customizing in stores or really handcrafted interesting and sweet gifts, we’ll introduce you to our perfect gift creative library for your best friends.

Picture Collage

1 Picture Collage

It’s a good idea to show pictures of your best friends from home to college dormitories. Via weheartit.

30 Beautiful Balloon Arch Ideas

Whenever and wherever there is a celebration, there must be a large number of colorful balloons! It goes without saying that without some attractive decorations, every party and gathering would be incomplete. So here we share some amazing ideas about DIY balloon arch ideas. These arches are not only interesting and creative but also very cost-effective.

These DIY balloon arches will be a great photo booth or decoration for your party as walls or roofs. These easy to make balloon arches transform the whole atmosphere from melancholy to happiness!

Whimsical Balloon Arch with Tutorials

1 Whimsical Balloon Arch with Tutorials

This beautiful fairytale balloon arch is a perfect backdrop for your wedding or bridal shower. With its intricately woven arch and plenty of balloons of all sizes and patterns, it is definite to give a fairytale affect to your party. Little additions like flowers and ribbons to the arch make it all the more sophisticated and beautiful. thehousethatlarsbuilt.

17 Awesome Before and After Living Room Makeovers

Your living room is more or less the reflection of your personality and it is also the first thing that can be seen when someone enters your home usually. So it is very necessary to design and decorate your living room in a way that gives out good vibes and a welcoming notion when someone visits your home.
Changing the color palette is what most people usually do while remodelling the living room. Rearranging the furniture layout might get extra space and make your living room more enjoyable. Check out these awesome before and after living room makeovers for your inspiration. No matter how rough a day someone has, seeing an inviting and welcoming living room will always cheer us up.

Abstract Art For Living Room

1 Abstract Art For Living Room

A perfect example of using a small space to make something extraordinary. By adding just a few soft colors and an abstract painting which is covering almost half of the wall has completely changed the whole outlook of the living room. The lamps which have been added will illuminate the room at night as well as give a beautiful feeling. westelm.