30 Awesome DIY Crafts With Mini Mason Jars

Do you love Mason Jar crafts? Then you will love these DIY mini Mason jars projects.

I recently bought a whole box of mini Mason Jars and I’ve been madly working with them. I just need to share some of the great ideas I’ve found.

Here are 30 Awesome DIY Crafts With Mini Mason Jars that almost anyone can do! Browse the list and tell me which one you like best.

1. Car in a Jar Snow Globe

 Car in a Jar Snow Globe|30 Awesome DIY Crafts With Mini Mason Jars

Perfect DIY Christmas gift or ornament. Put this on your holiday to-do list now! Tutorial via masonjarcraftslove.

20 creative ideas for your bookcase

Books, that passion. Although ebooks are becoming increasingly popular, paper books always have their charm. And libraries can become excellent design solutions.

Spherical, with the shape of the United States, a tree, there is something for all tastes. These libraries creative are the perfect places to store small literary treasures.

Without detracting from the traditional shelves, the following are truly original and modern.
In all, 20 bookshelves. Some of them can also be used as an armchair for reading. 20-creative-ideas-for-your-bookcase-2

35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

A homemade gift is always better than something you can buy at the store! Especially for someone who has everything or is hard to buy for. Even if it’s something as simple as personalizing a coffee mug, monogramming a casserole dish, or making a fun candy bouquet! Most of these DIY gift ideas are relatively easy and can be done last minute, while a few may take a little bit of planning, but they are all simple enough for just about anyone to do (no crocheting or sewing here).

Whether you’re looking for something special for mom, a boyfriend, your best friend, or your favorite teacher, I think you’ll find something you like!

Some really easy DIY gift ideas that anyone can make! Listotic

27 Lazy Girl Nail Art Ideas That Are Actually Easy

You’ve got the perfect hairdo and the ideal dress…but don’t forget about your nails.

These 27 ideas are genuinely easy to do and look fantastic when they are finished. Why pay someone an arm and a leg to do them for you when you can get the professional look at home!

32 DIY Wood Crate Ideas and Projects

Many families can find wooden boxes. They are the perfect choice for making all kinds of furniture. Look at these DIY wooden crate projects, they are so versatile, functional and decorative for your house and yard. From the fashionable footstool or crate shelf system to the wine cabinet shoe rack or crate bedside cabinet on the wall, you can use crates to do many things.

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DIY Crate Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

1 DIY Wood Crate Projects With Lots of Tutorials

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