32 Cool DIY Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

The baby shower is a time for every mother to be filled with joy and expectation, when her friends and wishers gather to welcome her baby to the world. A good way to preserve this memory is to create a baby shower guest book. Creative and thoughtful DIY baby shower guest book ideas are the new trend in modern times.

The following DIY baby shower guest Book ideas are very suitable for adding personalized and innovative touches to your party.

DIY Balloon Elephant Baby Shower Guest Book And Free Printable

1 DIY Balloon Elephant Baby Shower Guest Book And Free Printable

Nothing says “cute and lovable” more than a baby shower guest book in soft hues of pink. This free printable Elephant guest book is simple to make, especially when you have colorful card stock, scissors, 3D foam tape squares and a 1.5″ hole punch handy. via aspenjay.

26 Great Ideas That Every Gardening Lover Should Know

Gardening is a great hobby. It is relaxing, helps pass the time, gets you in touch with nature and even helps develop several skills.

Making a perfect garden is, however, something that takes luck, knowledge and even a degree of experience to achieve. Long-time gardeners will have learned and picked up several tricks and tips over the months and years they’ve been growing their plants. As dedicated as they may be though, new gardeners haven’t had that chance yet, so they might need a little push in the beginning.

If you’re a new gardener who still has a lot to learn, then this article is definitely something you will want to read, as we have compiled tons of tips and ideas that will take your little plots to the next level.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Weeds Out Of Your Garden

1 Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Weeds Out Of Your Garden

If you’re going to plant something, then mulching is definitely something to get familiar with, as it will protect the soil, improve the look of your plot and keep weeds away. Getting mulch is obviously essential, but using newspapers instead of fabric is cheaper, more effective and better for the environment, as the paper will dissolve by itself eventually. source

6 DIYs Projects All People With a March Zodiac Sign Need to Try

6 DIYs Projects All People With a March Zodiac Sign Need to Try


If you are one of those lucky Pisces, born between February 19 and March 20, your home decor probably features oceanic blues and greens and a dash of that bohemian-eclectic style. DIY is also no foreign concept, whether you want to DIY your own easy-breezy DIY hammock or a super-plush pom pom rug (both as cozy as they sound). Comfort is key for an artistic, sensuous water sign like you and the home is where it all starts. Keep reading to see how you can give your Piscean home a serious upgrade with these DIYs.

1. Pom Pom Rug, Wall Hanging and Table Cover — All in One!

Bring out your inner March Zodiac Sign with these DIY Proj

A Pom Pom Rug, Wall Hanging and Table Cover in One!
Image via Brit.com

Talk about versatile! You can warm up your wall or your floor with this multi-functional blue ombre rug. Its plush texture meets Pisces #1 criteria: the cozy factor. Want to try this? Click here for the tutorial.

21 DIY Ideas for Father’s Day Cards

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I asked my kids to think of gift ideas they can give to Dad. My eldest suggested that we buy him a Father’s Day card and with me being a crafter, I knew better. So instead of buying a card, I asked my kids to make DIY cards instead. They didn’t want the typical card with drawings on it so I searched the web, like I always do, for cool Father’s Day cards they can make and sure enough, I came across a lot of ideas. From cute to funny to a simple printable, you can get tons of ideas for your homemade Father’s Day card. Check out the list!

1. Father’s Day Wallet Card

No tutorial but I’m sure you can make it. You just need some colored paper, a little sewing and a little card for your message. See it here.

30 Awesome DIY Crafts With Mini Mason Jars

Do you love Mason Jar crafts? Then you will love these DIY mini Mason jars projects.

I recently bought a whole box of mini Mason Jars and I’ve been madly working with them. I just need to share some of the great ideas I’ve found.

Here are 30 Awesome DIY Crafts With Mini Mason Jars that almost anyone can do! Browse the list and tell me which one you like best.

1. Car in a Jar Snow Globe

 Car in a Jar Snow Globe|30 Awesome DIY Crafts With Mini Mason Jars

Perfect DIY Christmas gift or ornament. Put this on your holiday to-do list now! Tutorial via masonjarcraftslove.

20 creative ideas for your bookcase

Books, that passion. Although ebooks are becoming increasingly popular, paper books always have their charm. And libraries can become excellent design solutions.

Spherical, with the shape of the United States, a tree, there is something for all tastes. These libraries creative are the perfect places to store small literary treasures.

Without detracting from the traditional shelves, the following are truly original and modern.
In all, 20 bookshelves. Some of them can also be used as an armchair for reading. 20-creative-ideas-for-your-bookcase-2