Before and After: 40 Amazing Bathroom Makeovers

Do you need to redecorate your bathroom? Whether you’re looking for ideas to improve your current bathroom or planning a full bathroom renovation, these amazing photos and smart tips before and after the bathroom renovation will help you build a stylish and practical bathroom.

I hope this 40 Amazing Bathroom Makeovers will stimulate your interest in your bathroom.

Before and After Master Bathroom Makeover

1 Before and After Master Bathroom Makeover
Get more details via shadesofblueinteriors.

44 Awesome DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas & Tutorials

Your wedding is the most special and important party of your life. While it is just one day – a blink of an eye, really, compared to your marriage and your life in general – it is also a celebration of love, union and family, and that makes it an occasion that you want everyone to enjoy and cherish – especially the bride and groom.

So if you are a bride, groom, relative or wedding planner and need to find some great wedding centerpiece inspiration and ideas that can easily be accomplished, even on the smallest of budgets, this is certainly the right article for you, as we’ve compiled some of the best DIY projects which can be found online.

You may or may not find your ideal centerpiece design here, but you can be sure that you will find some inspiring ideas, at the very least, so don’t hesitate to take a look.

DIY Flower Ball Wedding Centerpiece

1 DIY Flower Ball Wedding Centerpiece

52 DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Nautical Home Decoration

Can’t make it to the coast this summer? Don’t worry. Whether you are a surfer, a sailor or just a landlocked person craving for the peace and serenity of the deep; here is an impressive collection of nautical home decoration ideas that will give you the feel of being on holiday even when you are just sitting at your desk staring at a computer. From nautical baby shower decorations to beach inspired nautical centerpieces, this collection of nautical home decor ideas is bound to bring the ocean along with its fun, right to your doorstep.

Before you jump onto your yacht and sail into the sunset, there are a couple of factors to consider when establishing a nautical theme.

Needless to say, when it comes to nautical decorations, a little always goes a long way. Besides, nautical decor is much more apparent compared to the American classic or Minimalist style. Still, you can make a bold statement in any room by displaying large nautical decor pieces that convey a sense of nostalgia. For example, large antique anchors or diver helmets may lend a sense of wanderlust to your decor. On the same vein, you can also add color and history to your nautical decor with glass buoys. Best of all, these vibrant glass spheres are available in all shapes and sizes.
But where exactly do you find high-quality antiques to keep your house from looking like a museum? No, you don’t have to raid a ship; you just have to search online, check out some garage sales or shop through some flea markets. Just think about it, ship wheels with the inner part removed can make an excellent frame for a picture.

Of course, bringing the seaside to your home goes far beyond just scouring your local antique stores for ship helms and using reclaimed wood, you also need to infuse your home with subtle scents which mimic the ocean and bring the sea closer to you. Hints of lime, coconut, salt or other ocean scents will encourage you to take deeper breaths, instantly creating a relaxing atmosphere. To start you off here is a collection of DIY ideas and tutorials for nautical home decorations. Get inspired.

DIY Beach Lanterns

1 DIY Beach Lanterns

Love this idea with regular lanterns used (and made over) to display beach finds. Via boxerscleatsandme.

70 Budget Friendly DIY Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas And Tutorials

Photo booths are a great way to make party or event photos more interesting and attract guests to take pictures. There are many ways to create and achieve a studio effect, from getting an actual booth to setting background and specific accessories and props in a corner of the room, to having a portable incision or frame to achieve the same effect without crowding the guests in one place.

Another important reason why photo booths are really good is that they provide consistent and recognizable aesthetics for your photos, which makes them easy to pick from albums or social media subscriptions.

Does the studio sound like a good idea for your next event or ceremony? We have some ideas and tutorials that you can use with certainty, no matter what the occasion.

Stunning Flower Ceremony Photo Booth Backdrop

1 Stunning Flower Ceremony Photo Booth Backdrop

Floral backdrops are generally good for something more formal like a wedding, baby shower, christening and the like. This one is very intricate and delicate, with its pale colors and attention to detail, so you can’t go wrong with if you’re planning any of these ceremonies.

20 Awesome Headboard Wall Decoration Ideas

Headboard wall decoration can transform the look and feel of your bedroom. Headboards are a great way to tie your bed design in with the rest of your bedroom furniture. You can either buy a simple readymade one or you can DIY with what you have to make a perfect match to your bedroom. You also have to decide on the colors and patterns to use on things such as wall beds and pillow. Check out these awesome headboard wall decoration ideas, which help to turn your bedroom into an enchanted space.

Shabby Chic Gallery Wall with Vintage Painted and Distressed Empty Picture Frames

1 Shabby Chic Gallery Wall with Vintage Painted and Distressed Empty Picture Frames

43 Over The Toilet Storage Ideas For Extra Space

The idea of storage over the toilet is basically a budget-friendly creation of storage space in an area that had not been previously utilized in most houses. This space will ensure a more organized, useful room and prevent the room from looking bulky.

Basically people have taken a toilet as a place to be secluded and not for any other use as in the traditional belief, but this area is great for storage and organizing. Check out these creative over the toilet storage ideas, which ensure extra storage space to be utilized in the toilet room while also making the bathroom beautiful.

Bathroom Ladder Over The Toilet For Storage

1 Bathroom Ladder Over The Toilet For Storage
Take a ladder shelf and left out the bottom 2 rows to fit perfectly over the toilet. This could make for extra storage space without looking too bulky. Get the tutorial via jennasuedesign.