It’s All the Rage: Mahogany Hair Color

A dark rich blend of red and purple give a saturated mahogany hue which is based on the dark reddish brown with a smaller amount of violet added to the base color. Mahogany is flattering for both cool and warm complexions, but in case you are sure you won’t pull off reddish brown hair, we have also included purple browns into our gallery. The latter are often referred to as burgundy shades.

#1: Classic and Soft – dark brown hair with babylights

This hue of mahogany is soft and sweet, perfect for all those going for a classic brunette look that many chicks on the street are rocking today! With a soft highlight of blonde, this innocent look is guaranteed to turn a few heads!

20 Flowing Waterfall Braid Styles

A waterfall braid is a style that allows you to weave a circle, horizontal or diagonal plait throughout loose hair with strands flowing through it like streams in a real waterfall. You can wear this just as easily during an everyday activity, like an office meeting, as you would to a formal event. Long or short, blonde or brunette, this hairdo looks beautiful on every woman.

The Beauty and Practicality of Waterfall Braids is super cute, and it can look a bit or even a lot different from style to style. But that’s not all. Waterfall braids are very handy for long or thick hair that you love to wear loose, but need to pin to prevent it from falling into your face.

Choose the braid pattern you like the most and test a few half updos from the gallery below to find your most appealing half up half down waterfall look.

#1: Silver and Smoke

long ash blonde balayage hair with waterfall braid

One of the best ways to show off a trendy dye job like the silvery grey balayage, for instance, is with a waterfall style. The twisted effect allows you to bring the darker base colors to the surface to be seen in a way they normally wouldn’t. For an added detail, wind the tail tightly to achieve a nice contrast to the romanticism of the braid.

26 Easy and Pretty Top Knot Hairstyles

Some hairstyles are so easy-going and flattering that they not only stand the test of time, but also prove to be suitable for various occasions. One of these hairstyles happens to be the top knot. Now it’s more popular than ever. Here are the simplest, fastest and most creative knots.

Top Knot Hairstyles – It’s very versatile and beautiful. This updo lets you personalize and express your personal style in various ways. If you’ve been looking for some hair inspiration, look at the following styles to see how to get creative with this popular fashion updo.

11 Quick And Easy Hairstyle For Busy Women

20 Wonderful Wedge Haircuts

If you love the style of the sixties, then a wedge haircut is just the look for you. Similar to a bowl cut, the look incorporates soft bangs, inversions and layers to bring it into the modern day. While best suited for straight strands, this hairstyle can also work with loose curls. Just check the pictures below!
Wedge Haircuts and Hairstyles

Wedges are great because of the flattering silhouette that lets you to have a voluminous crown and a neat nape within your short hairstyle. You can go for an elongated wedge, its classic version or a rather short cut, play with layers, textures and hair colors. Here are some cute ideas.

#1: Balayage and Tousled Strands – wedge haircut with balayage

A stacked inverted cut is perfect for women with fine hair because it creates thickness throughout the crown of the head. Balayage highlights in the front of the style create a sense of weightlessness so that it doesn’t seem too dense.

20 Chic Milkmaid Braid Ideas

As far as hairstyling trends are concerned, 2019 is all about getting creative with intricate braids. Fishtail, Dutch, French, double – the sky is the limit to your options.

If you don’t want to chop off your locks but would rather try some creative styling instead, you should definitely check out the concept of the milkmaid braid updo.

Present-Day Milkmaid Braids

Now it’s hard to say where exactly this updo originated from – Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, or, maybe, Greece – but today this style is universally popular and worn by fashionistas in every corner of the world.

#1: Milkmaid Braid with Bangs

If you adore the finesse of a classic braid and are longing for the effortless elegance that a milkmaid braid offers, consider styling your hair through a fusion of the two. The combination works amazingly for girls with bangs, so try it if your bangs aren’t grown out.

The Best 20 Useful Hair Tutorials On Pinterest

As we all known, Pinterest is a visual discovery site that you can use to find ideas for all your interests. It includes home decor, health fitness, cooking and designer duds, it’s also a mecca of hair inspiration complete with instructions.

Consider it a blueprint on how to make a suitable hairstyle. Just pin now, and try later.

Here are 20 tutorials worth trying and then share with your friends.