40+ Ridiculously Sweet Valentine’s Day Nails

Haven’t you fallen in love yet? Okay, you’re sure to be quick, but use your nails! Nails are the easiest way to add February 14, regardless of your relationship.

We found that 40+ Ridiculously Sweet Nails for Valentine’s Day. You have to admit that this holiday is the best time for nail art. Spread love with your beautiful nails!
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15 Elegant Emerald Green Nails Designs For You

These days when pastel and nudes have taken over the world, some bolder shades remain in darkness. That is why we consider it our primary goal to introduce to you the magic of emerald green nails. The thing is that emerald is the hue of jewels, and that is what makes it so magnificent and powerful. To prove our point we invite you to have a closer look at this perfectly emerald green nail art compilation!

Simple Design With Green Glitter Nail

Of course, not every one of you is that into intricate pail patterns, but that does not mean that you should leave emerald hues out. The solid sparkly emerald manicure looks as gorgeous as all the other ideas with the only difference that it is a lot easier to succeed with such a look.

Elegant Emerald Green Nails Designs For You 15

49 Beautiful Spring Nail Art Designs

What nails are popular in 2019? What nail designs look good? Spring has come, not only to change into light spring clothes, beautiful makeup, but also to change into a beautiful nail art design. the following brings new spring nail art designs pictures, a variety of patterns to create the most beautiful image, there is always one for you.

Now nails are a popular trend, so what is the popular color of nails in spring? Today, we have collected the latest spring nail art designs pictures, which are suitable for spring manicure style.

1 Spring Nail Art Designs

30 Awesome Nail Hacks You Should Know

Nails have always been an important dimension of beauty and fashion. We all enjoy going to the manicure salon to get our nails done, but sometimes they must do it on our own. But at-home manicures have the potential to be very messy and a little dangerous. It is very easy to mess up our manicure!
Well, thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found lots of ingenious and best nail art hacks and guilds that can help make doing your nails so much easier. Take a look at them and start using these advises right now so that you can achieve cute and perfect nail art, learn how to apply nail polish the way the pros do at home and so much more! Enjoy!

Use A Makeup Brush To Brush Glitter On Your Nails For An Ombre Look

1 Awesome Nail Hacks You Should Know

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40+ Charming Multicolor Simple Nail Art Designs

Still choose one nail polish shade to paint your nails? Nails with a different color is the hottest trend and easy to polish by yourself. Multicolored nails are bright and classy, which is perfect for spring and summer time. Of course, this style also is perfect for any occasion. Such art nail design will make you feel happy for it just like a rainbow.

There are so many different options for multicolored nail designs, and all of them look great. Of course, you’ll need to choose something that fits your personality and style to get the best results that you will be happy with. Take a look at 45 Charming Multicolor Simple Nail Art Designs to brighten your life and get inspiration.

45 Charming Multicolor Simple Nail Art Designs

Just take your time and find more! Hope you will like these nails and try them next time. Don’t forget to pin the ones you like the most to show your nails list.

50 Fall 2018 Nail Trend: Matte Nails

Matte nails are Fall’s biggest nail trend. It started off with the matte black and has quickly spread to all designs and colors (red, grey, white, blue, etc.). Matte nails become a mani must-have for nail lovers.
When we think of a nice manicure, our mind immediately jumps to shiny, well-maintained nails. But sometimes we need something different. Something darker. Edgier. Matte nails will give you that statement grunge look.
This nail trend has an exceptional tendency to make everyone fall for it. After you check our top red, white, black, grey and blue matte designs below, you’ll want to try this unique look ASAP.
Red Matte Nails
For all red nail color addicts, it’s time to take your red color to the next level! This fall, nail care companies are launching tons of red matte products. Matte finish adds a new edge to such a timeless nail shade. Red matte shade works for both everyday and formal events.

1. Dark Red Matte Nails + Gold Details

1 Dark Red Matte Nails with Gold Details

This dark shade and matte finish with gold details is perfect for fall.