30 Active Christmas Party Games You Will Love

Christmas is coming soon. The air is full of Christmas atmosphere. Many people are busy planning Christmas activities, celebrating Christmas with friends and family, and sharing the joy of Christmas. In order to celebrate the coming of Christmas, schools, companies, friends and families will organize interesting party activities, and Active Christmas Party Games are inevitable.

So, what are the activities suitable for Christmas? Today we have collected 30 Active Christmas Party Games to recommend to you. I hope these Christmas games can inspire you and make you have a good time this Christmas.

5. Tinsel Game

5 Tinsel Game
1. Form two teams. Give each team a length of tinsel.
2. Show the secret word to both artists.
3. Signal to start making the shape of the indicated word on the card.
4. The first team to guess correctly gets the point.
Source: mrmarksclassroom.com