17 Awesome Before and After Living Room Makeovers

Your living room is more or less the reflection of your personality and it is also the first thing that can be seen when someone enters your home usually. So it is very necessary to design and decorate your living room in a way that gives out good vibes and a welcoming notion when someone visits your home.

Changing the color palette is what most people usually do while remodelling the living room. Rearranging the furniture layout might get extra space and make your living room more enjoyable. Check out these awesome before and after living room makeovers for your inspiration. No matter how rough a day someone has, seeing an inviting and welcoming living room will always cheer us up.

Living Room Makeover From Cigarette Yellow To Teal Blue

15 Living Room Makeover From Cigarette Yellow To Teal Blue

Again, use shades of blue and remove dull browns from the living room. This is the most convenient and low cost makeover because the designer have used simple furniture and no expensive decoration items have been used. Yet the space looks so well balanced and managed in a way that looks beautiful, modern and colorful at the same time. Get the details via here.