32 Cool DIY Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

The baby shower is a time for every mother to be filled with joy and expectation, when her friends and wishers gather to welcome her baby to the world. A good way to preserve this memory is to create a baby shower guest book. Creative and thoughtful DIY baby shower guest book ideas are the new trend in modern times.

The following DIY baby shower guest Book ideas are very suitable for adding personalized and innovative touches to your party.

DIY Onesies Note Cards in a Frame

4 DIY Onesies Note Cards in a Frame

Inspire your guests to jot down their wishes on cute, pink cut-outs of baby onesies. These cutouts are easy to avail as they come in a printable format. Choose cutouts in soft hues like pink, white and grey. Now hang them up on matching strings using pegs. Tape the strings along the sides of an empty frame for a more defined look. Now, stock up clothespins in a glass bowl, pens in a bright pink mug and set them all up on a small table.