48 Stylish DIY Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving Decoration

Pumpkin is the most representative vegetable in fall. Pumpkins play an important role in Thanksgiving, and many decorative concepts are inseparable from pumpkins. Pumpkins can add a festive flavor to a room, backyard, porch or garden. People often decorate their homes with a variety of pumpkin crafts. Pumpkin crafts are indispensable decorations for Thanksgiving, whether at home or outside.

Here, we have carefully selected some creative pumpkin crafts to provide you with inspiration. From paper pumpkin lanterns to pumpkin flower pots, these pumpkin crafts provide a good choice for Thanksgiving decoration.

DIY Pumpkin Lanterns

12 DIY Pumpkin Lanterns

Made with fine tissue paper! The flame shines through the paper and the Pumpkin glows in the dark! Get the tutorial via Orangen Mond.