19 DIY Backpacks and Pencil Cases for Kids – Cute Back to School Ideas & Tutorials

As summer holiday comes to an end and a new school year approaches, it’s very necessary for parents to get prepared for various school supplies for their kids to go back to school, from the backpacks to pencil pouch or cases, from bookmarks to bulletin boards. Instead of spending too much on such commercial products, with a bit of creativity and a little of handiwork, you can make some by yourself with the materials around you. The DIY back to school supplies are great alternatives to add personal touches as well as creativity to break out from ordinary things.

Today we are sharing you with some cute crafty and cost-effective backpacks and pencil cases ideas. These ideas are sure to bring your kids a lot of fun and surprises. All of these backpacks and pencil cases projects are easy to make with step-by-step tutorials or most details, so you can completely do it yourself. Have fun!

Chevron Backpack

16 Chevron Backpack

Get the tutorial here.