20 Awesome Backyard Lighting Ideas To Boost Your Summer Fun

Summer is a great time for outdoor entertaining with friends and family in our backyards and gardens. Having good outdoor lighting can make your outdoor space a more intimate, warm, enjoyable and inviting spot to visit with beloved ones, have a late snack, or sip on a good glass of red and is guaranteed to make everyone’s world a better place. It seems that nothing sets the mood quiet and brighten the vibe better than both functional and decorative outdoor lighting.

Now take a look at these incredible backyard lighting ideas we gathered recently to help you find a proper inspiration. They are a cheap and easy way to get your backyard beautiful for summer entertaining. Some of these outdoor lights are handmade from the recycled materials with a bit of creativity, like mason jars, tin cans, wine bottles and so on. Try these backyard lighting ideas and tutorials and start to illuminate your outdoor space with the soft glow of string lights, set the table with flickering candles, and place a few DIY lanterns in unexpected places to frame a memorable evening. You yard will be much brighter and more entertaining and enjoyable when the sun goes down.

DIY Geometric Light Columns

10 DIY Geometric Light Columns

Get the tutorial here.