20 Beautiful DIY Paint Chip Crafts

Whenever shopping for house paints to paint your walls, you will find you bring home a number of paint sample chips. Over the years, you may end up with quite a collection of them in your junk drawers, having saved them for future ideas. Actually, these vibrant paint sample chips have become a crafting obsession for its brilliant and varying colors. You can upcycle them into artsy , fun and gorgeous projects and crafts, like chandeliers, calendars, bookmarks, magnets, earrings, necklaces, and even paint chip art for your walls with a do-it-yourself attitude and a bit of creativity rather than becoming a pile of trash in the recycle bins.
Click through for the greatest and amazing crafts that are created out of paint chips we have rounded up in this post! We’re betting that you will not be hesitate to take out the collected paint chips from your junk drawer and preparing to do the perfect project for your own.

Paint Chip Boxes

1 Paint Chip Boxes