36 Fabulous DIY Fall Decoration Projects

Fall is the harvest season, but also the most beautiful season, everywhere is the color of harvest. Fall is also the favorite season for DIY enthusiasts, and there are too many materials to use for that season. With some basic handicraft and a little creativity, you can easily make fall fruits or leaves into all kinds of economic and fashionable crafts, and use them as home decoration.

Today, we have collected 36 Fabulous DIY Fall Decoration Projects. Just take a few minutes to browse through these photos, they will certainly give you a lot of inspiration.

DIY Little Pumpkins from Acorns

11 DIY Fall Decoration Projects

Create acorn pumpkins to decorate your home, gifts, the table and so much more! They’re easy to make and are so cute! A perfect fall craft for the creative kid! via gigglehearts