21 Cool IKEA Hacks – DIY Ideas and Tutorials to Improve Your Kitchen or Pantry

IKEA products have become a welcoming source for all things home decor with its wallet-friendly price tags, various colors and shapes. It seems that there is no shortage of ways people have manipulated IKEA furniture to suit their needs. In today’s post, we are talking and sharing some brilliant IKEA hacks to transform your kitchen and pantry. Whether you’re lacking storage, counter space or a pantry, you are in the right place and will get much inspired to hack some of IKEA products for a completely custom look for your next inexpensive kitchen update.

From combining bookshelves into a pantry to making an herb garden out of a wine rack, from a DIY pot rack to a motorized kitchen island, from DIY hanging nest dinning room lights to bar carts made from IKEA Kallax bookshelves, these genius, functional and fabulous hacks will help solve just about every kitchen and pantry problem and will make your cooking space more efficiently and cleverly customizing with your lifestyle.

Simple Hanging Pot Rack Hack

21 Simple Hanging Pot Rack Hack

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