21 Creative Cutting Boards for Kitchen Decor or Mother’s Day Gift

Cutting boards are about the most useful and functional tool in the kitchen. Kitchen cutting boards are often made of wood, bamboo or plastic and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They are usually used to place material for cutting and prepare food in the kitchen. A stylish and gorgeous cutting board can also add beauty, warmth and elegance to the kitchen décor.

In this post, we have rounded up some stylish and creative cutting boards to get you inspired to hit up those power tools. Some of these cutting board are homemade with full tutorials and very easy and fun to recreate. You can check out the following tutorials and make one with your style for your kitchen or given as a personalized Mother’s Day gift or to other housewives.

Butcher Block Cutting Board

17 Butcher Block Cutting Board

A scrap piece of butcher block makes a gorgeous serving board too. See the tutorial here.