25 Creative Ideas & Tutorials to Make Decorative Letters

Letters are amazing decoration idea these days. From personalizing an accent wall in a child’s room to creating your own monogram wall decor, letters are ideal for the project and make a strong statement in any decor style. Adorable and whimsical fabric or pom pom letters with pictures can be hung on a nursery wall for your child’s room or to give as a gift for a new baby. If you are a lover of shabby chic style, decorative letters made with wine corks, pieces of burlap, wood and cardboards will be perfect for your home decor. Sea shell, twine decorative letters are an ideal option for a nautical home décor.

There are many other creative ways to craft with letters and all of them are quite fun to do. In this post. We have collected some creative ways to craft with letters recently, which surely inspire you. These crafts are pretty easy on the pockets and sure to get you started on your own DIY home décor adventures. Happy crafting!

Fall Leaf Initial

7 Fall Leaf Initial