25 DIY Tire Crafts – Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Tires Into Adorable Things

Old tires are among the largest sources of waste when they’re no longer useful and suitable for transportation. Actually, they don’t have to go to the landfill. In this post, we will present you a gallery of examples that teach you how to recycle tires and transform them into useful or decorative objects for our homes.
You can color them in different colors and make a planter, make a swing for children, or you can make tire ottoman covered with fabric or transfer them into some practical furniture, like rope-wrapped tire armchair, DIY tire chandelier, seats coffee table and more. Here are many other really cool ideas to repurpose old tires, which will make your tires useful around the yard and house. Let’s head over to these collection ideas and get much more inspiration for our old tire recycling.

Tire Totter for Kids

1 Tire Totter for Kids