25 DIY Wall Shelf Project Ideas & Tutorials

Shelving is a must and a critical part of many homes. Whether you need something for storage or you want to add a touch of décor to your home, shelves are the perfect solution. For example, a custom shelf on an empty and white wall or corner can be a real decorative display in your living or dining room and bring more character and style. While many store-bought shelves can be very expensive and may also be limited in its creativity. By using some basic carpentry skills, you can create your own shelving, whether it be multi-level bookshelves or a single shelf hung on the wall, you will have fun and save money.

Today in this post, we have found plenty of ways to make our own personalized shelves for every space. These creative ideas are all provided with lots of tutorials, so you can completely DIY by yourself. They are frugal, easy, and will add the perfect touch of décor and function to your home. Whether you need something in the bathroom to store beauty supplies or in the nursery for baby items, there is a shelf here that is perfect for you.

DIY Hexagon Shelf

19 DIY Hexagon Shelf

Get the tutorial here.