30 Fun and Creative Crafts Made Out Of Plastic Bottles

When you live in a craftsmanship world crazily, you know that nothing should be thrown away, because they will be the perfect material for your next project. Plastic bottles are such a versatile material that can be upgraded to make art, fun and gorgeous projects, such as DIY rainbow mobile phones, lovely animals, flower pots, decorative bells, etc. With a little creative inspiration and a hands-on attitude, you can turn those empty bottles into all kinds of decorations.

In today’s list, we summarize some ideas for simple homemade plastic bottle technology. Making things out of plastic bottles is not only for fun, it’s also a good way to teach your children how to recycle and help the environment.

Browse through the photos of these plastic bottle projects to find out more ideas and how to make them with your children. They are interesting and creative, and you can’t believe how easy it is to do it!

Plastic Bottle Flowers

1 Fun and Creative Crafts Made Out Of Plastic Bottles

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