25 Fun and Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Let’s be honest, everybody loves money to some extent or at least enjoys the things it buys. And receiving money gift on valentines, Christmas, a birthday, graduation, wedding, etc can always make someone happy. Also it’s super easy to give money when you don’t know what the recipient wants.

If you are having a hard time buying the perfect gift, give money instead. The money can be spent on exactly what the recipient likes. But it’s boring and a bit tacky to just give someone cash. I’ve found some fun and clever ways to give cash as a gift for your inspiration. Makes giving and getting way more fun! How to give cash creatively! Take a look! Start now!

Eay DIY Money Headband

22 Eay DIY Money Headband

It’s time to surprise the graduate with this fun cash headband for emergency need of cash. Fold the dollar bill. Take the long end and fold the edge to meet the middle. Assemble and insert one into the other to create the headband.

Step by step tutorial via bigideas3