26 Awesome Ideas & Tutorials to Craft with Bottle Caps

When you pop open a bottle of beer, do not just throw the bottle cap off to the side or toss it in the garbage. When thinking creatively and craftily, there are tons of ways to recycle beer bottle caps to make many types of innovative crafts, from homemade jewelry to stylish bottle cap tabletops, from picture frames to wall art. You can create some of these crafts for friends as gifts, or use them yourself to show off your party attitude or use them as a stylish décor piece to add a homemade touch to your home.

Take a look at these most creative and popular crafts made with bottle caps in this post. These ideas have given lots of tutorials or most details, so you can completely do it yourself. Get started to save bottle caps from going into a landfill and stretch your craft skills at the same time. Have fun!

Bottle Cap State Art

25 Awesome Ideas and Tutorials to Craft with Bottle Caps

What a great and simple idea to add color to our walls and show pride in our state at the same time. Check out the step-by-step tutorials here.