30 Budget Friendly DIY IKEA Lighting Hacks for Your Home Decor

Lighting is not only functional in a darkroom but also crucial for creating just the right mood in the home. But custom lighting fixtures in the market always cost a pretty penny. But don’t worry, here is a good news for you with creative IKEA hackers. A fun and inexpensive IKEA hack will help you find the perfect piece of statement lighting and gives you the chance to create a one-of-a-kind light with different colors and your own style.

Today, we are sharing some of our favorite IKEA hacks for lighting in this post. Whether you have a strong liking on super modern chandeliers, concrete pendant lights, or are completely in love with all things copper, or simply want to turn a flower pot or a fruit bowl into a bedside lamp, you will surely get much more inspiration here. Let’s head over to this genius collection for lighting hack and create one practical and special light to perk up our rooms.

Halo Light

8 Halo Light

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