30 Cute & Cool Summer Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

With the warm weather and endless sunshine, sweet summertime is really the perfect time to get together with your family and friends to host a baby shower and celebrate the birth of your unborn. Whether the event is a simple party for family and friends or a much more formal occasion, it is important that the focus stays on the new mom and dad, not on how much money is spent. So you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to throw a perfect summer baby shower. For planning a summer baby shower, you can start with picking fun themes, serving pretty cool food and drink in heat, preparing DIY projects for decoration and more. For example summer season fruit and pretty flowers are great things to include into the big day.

Here, in this post, there are some cute and cool summer baby shower decoration ideas for your best inspiration. Whether planning the baby shower for a boy or a girl, you’re sure to find some interesting ideas for original dessert displays, decor, gifts and so much more here and make your own memorable, elegant and most of all, fun baby shower decorations.

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