30 DIY Candle Holder Ideas & Tutorials

Homemade candle holders are an affordable way to dress up your decor, whether you use them in the home or for special occasions such as weddings, showers or holidays. It will give you nice fresh look to your room and unique at the same time. They are often less expensive and more environmentally friendly than the store-brought ones. Making your own homemade candles is much easier than you would think. With a few simple everyday items, such as wood, paper, bike chains, pipes and even recycled items and a little bit of craftiness and creativity, you can create a stunning selection of candle holders with your style.

Today, in this article, we are sharing some beautiful DIY candle holder ideas that you can make by yourself. Take a look at these creative DIY candle holder ideas which are full of functional and decorative value. And start to make something special and individual for your home during your spare time.

DIY Paper Lotus Candle Holders

30 DIY Candle Holder Ideas  and  Tutorials

Make a set of beautiful lotus candle holders with paper and add a sweet element to a romantic dinner. Check out the tutorial via iCreativeIdeas.