30 DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas & Tutorials

Chalkboard painting is a trend that’s been growing for a couple of years now. The range of items being painted is expansive. Chalkboard paint has brought flexibility to labeling systems, a sharp presentation when used on walls and home decor, and fun for kids who actually get to use the chalk! Bloggers and DIY enthusiasts are coming up with new uses for this contemporary product every day.

From chore charts to wine glasses to kids coloring tables, chalkboard painting is an easy craft technique that can be accomplished in as little as a few hours, depending on the project. Most craft stores carry small bottles for around $3 and hardware stores carry the spray can version for about $5. Getting organized, adding a modern design element, or giving your kids something to do has never been easier. If you want to join the phenomenon of chalkboard painting, take a look at these DIY ideas and tutorials.

Use Chalkboard Paint to Upgrade Your Plastic Drawers

8 DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas  and  Tutorials

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