30 DIY Ideas & Tutorials To Decorate Your Dorm Room

Dorm room is your place on campus to study, sleep, eat and relax. You will spend most time here. So it is very necessary and advisable to make the dorm room a comfortable haven to enjoy hanging out in by decorating it inexpensively but with taste and style. Decorating your own dorm room is also a good opportunity to show off your style, hobbies and express your personality. Even the least appealing dorm room can look so much better with some creativity and a few basic craft supplies.
Today in this post, we have rounded up some inexpensive and colorful DIYs that are sure to turn your dorm room into a space that feels like home and add your own style and get creative with your space. If you don’t want to sleep in a boring dorm room with only bleach white walls, you are in the right place. Please check out these creative crafts for your dorm room decoration and give your favorite one a try.

Polka Dots Ping-pong Ball Lights

1 Polka Dots Ping-pong Ball Lights

Get the tutorial here.