30 DIY Ideas & Tutorials To Refashion Your Shoes

New shoe trends will come together with each new season approaching. Dear fashion girls are all dying to try ourselves. But looking at your closets, old shoes tend to pile up and collect dust while taking up much space. When thinking creatively, why buy not DIY? With a bit of handiwork and a little of creativity, you can totally transform these out-of-date shoes into the most fashionable and crafty ones without much cost.
If you’re looking for a fashionable way to upgrade your shoes from last year’s styles, here are tons of awesome and creative ways for your inspiration, no matter for flats, heels, tennis shoes or sandals. These creative ideas include creating jeweled heels, neon converse with a few ombre numbers in between, refashion your shoes with lace, rhinestones and leather, adding costume earring or pom pom clips and even spray paint. Star to get crafty and express your creativity and take your shoes to the next level now!

DIY Tassel Heels Just Using Some Tassels and Rope

1 DIY Tassel Heels Just Using Some Tassels and Rope

See the directions here.