30 Gorgeous Burlap Project Ideas & Tutorials

Burlap started becoming trendy a few years ago and it does not seem to be going anywhere. In fact, burlap comes in more options now than ever. You can choose from a rainbow of colors and a wide variety of sizes. This opens up the possibilities for burlap project ideas immensely. The wheels just cannot stop turning when you stare at the burlap aisle of your local craft store.
Wreaths, decorative accessories, and more can all be made with burlap. Trying to decide which one to begin first will be the hardest part. If you are new to working with burlap, you will be pleased to learn that burlap is a very forgiving craft item. It brings flexibility to any project and is easily dressed up or down with things you may already have on hand. Below is a list of gorgeous burlap project ideas to get you started.

Burlap Bow Ties

1 Gorgeous Burlap Project Ideas  and  Tutorials

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