32 DIY Chandeliers – Cool Ideas & Tutorials to Add Style to Your Home Decor

A chandelier is not only the perfect lighting solution for any high-vaulted ceiling, such as in the patios, entrance hall and outdoor entertaining spaces, it is also a chic and elegant way to add some sparkle to your home décor. Whether you are using it more for display purposes or for functional purpose, there is a wide range of chandeliers available to choose from in the market.

But store-bought chandeliers are always very expensive and can cost a pretty penny. If you haven’t got a budget for a store bought chandelier by now, here’s good news for you. There are more and more genius crafters showing us how to make some decorative or functional chandeliers with materials around us, and you can find a ton on the web without a blow. Making your own chandelier will surely save much money for you and make your room more creative, chic and stylish.

In today’s post, you can see an awesome collection of some DIY chandelier ideas. These projects are very fun and they involve a lot of creativity. Hopefully you will get inspired and see how you can make one chandelier with your own style. Enjoy!

Bottle Chandelier

28 Bottle Chandelier