49 Easy DIY Decorative Throw Pillow Tutorials & Ideas

Pillows are very useful in home decoration. You can decorate the whole room with vigorous pillows and color-stressed pillows in every room of your home. But sometimes you can't spend a lot of money on decoration, you have to sacrifice some of them, such as throwing pillows. Don't lose heart. You can sew decorative pillows yourself, or give ordinary pillows a little explosive change at home.

Today, we have collected some easy DIY throw pillow decoration tutorials and ideas for you. With this list, you can make lovely throw pillows for your decoration and save money.

Pottery Barn Pillow Knockoff

16 Pottery Barn Pillow Knockoff

I can hardly tell what pillow is from pottery barn and what pillow is handmade by you. Look at the felt leaves and white cotton balls, I really love the simple beauty of this pillow! Get the instructions here