35 Awesome DIY Fairy Garden Ideas & Tutorials

Ever dreamed of having a micro garden? Then fairy gardens would be great for you.

Fairy gardens might be inspired by mythical, magical and tiny creatures, but you obviously don’t have to believe in fairytales to build one. All you need is creative imagination, small items that you can easily find in your house or the dollar store, patience and attention to details.

Fairy gardens are quite basically micro gardens, so you can easily build your own with little space and a creative mind. Check out these awesome DIY fairy garden ideas & tutorials. Create a perfect place to invite your tiny friends to lay their magic dust or just add a different touch to your gardening projects right now!

DIY Fairy Garden in a Bucket

7 DIY Fairy Garden in a Bucket
A bucket might not seem like a very magical location for a fairy garden, but this one proves that it is what’s inside that matters. The lilac blooms are truly beautiful and the little red house is absolutely precious. via theburghbaby.