41 Adorable Crochet Baby Sandals With Free Patterns

Baby shoes, especially baby sandals, are so darn cute! But many times the plastic or foam ones from the store can be hard to get on baby’s feet and uncomfortable for her to wear. That is why crochet baby sandals are an adorable alternative. They are soft, easy to put on, and so cute! There are tons of different designs you can make and each pattern is easy to customize with your favorite colors. Many of the ideas can be adapted for baby boys or girls by simply changing the colors of the yarns.
The precious sandal ideas below include free patterns that are easy to follow. Whether you want whimsical sandals with butterflies or flowers or are looking for mini versions of your own favorite shoes, this list has something cute for you. Get baby ready for the warm weather with these adorable crochet baby sandal ideas!

Adorable Red Baby Sandals

1 Adorable Crochet Baby Sandals With Free Patterns

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