44 Awesome DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas & Tutorials

Your wedding is the most special and important party of your life. While it is just one day – a blink of an eye, really, compared to your marriage and your life in general – it is also a celebration of love, union and family, and that makes it an occasion that you want everyone to enjoy and cherish – especially the bride and groom.

So if you are a bride, groom, relative or wedding planner and need to find some great wedding centerpiece inspiration and ideas that can easily be accomplished, even on the smallest of budgets, this is certainly the right article for you, as we’ve compiled some of the best DIY projects which can be found online.

You may or may not find your ideal centerpiece design here, but you can be sure that you will find some inspiring ideas, at the very least, so don’t hesitate to take a look.

Wedding decoration isn’t at all what it used to be. While it traditionally follows a very formal pattern, today’s wedding decoration is as diverse as wedding themes are, which means it can be feminine as well as gothic, pastel as well as bright, vintage as well as modern, strictly decorative as well as functional.

In this context, wedding centerpieces can also come in all sorts of shapes and colors, and serve many purposes aside from just adorning the tables during the wedding reception.

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