8 Awesome DIY Ideas for Your Purse

For many women, their purse is an extension of themselves. All of your daily essentials go inside of your purse, from your wallet and smartphone to your keys, Chapstick, tissues and more. All of these things can make your purse feel cluttered and disorganized.

Check out these awesome DIY ideas for your purse, which allow you to personalize your purse. From interior organizers that keep small things like tampons and lipsticks separate so that you do not grab the wrong thing, to padded sections to keep your phone safe, you can implement these easy to make, DIY ideas. You can even choose fun materials such as cotton fabrics or easy cleaning materials in case of a leak or a spill. Add in a colorful zipper pull, an easy to grasp fabric handle and simple snaps, and your purse will be a reflection of you.

Easy DIY Purse Organizer

1 Awesome DIY Ideas for Your Purse

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