33 Creative Beer Bottle Crafts Ideas

What do you usually do with empty beer bottles? Many people tend to throw them into trash cans. But because you live in a world of crafts, you know that it may have the potential to be made into tons of different things.

The answer is absolutely yes! From furniture to home decoration to art, beer bottles can be creatively made into unique and practical crafts. So next time you open a bottle of beer, don’t return it to the retail store or throw it in the trash can. Instead, collect it and try to do some of the following items. We have chosen some of our favorite process guidelines and ideas for finished beer bottles to inspire you. We believe you will find them really useful.

This beer bottle craft tutorial and idea list includes festive decoration of beer bottle lamp, beer bottle bell, beer bottle candlestick, beer bottle war and so on. Take a look and try to do something in your spare time.


Beer Bottle Lights for Holiday Decor

1 Beer Bottle Lights for Holiday Decor

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