30 DIY Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year is almost here! Are you ready to celebrate the festival? I think homemade Chinese New Year crafts are the best way to celebrate the new year. Chinese New Year is the most grand traditional festival of Chinese folk, which is a folk festival integrating blessing, entertainment and diet.

Influenced by Chinese culture, some countries and regions in the world also have the custom of celebrating the new year. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 20 countries and regions have designated Chinese New Year as a legal holiday for the whole or some cities under their jurisdiction.

We have collected 30 DIY Chinese New Year crafts! Understanding how world culture celebrates is a simple way to introduce children to different perspectives.

Chinese new year door idea

8 Chinese new year door idea

Chinese new year door idea I made up this year. The kids cut it hearts for Valentine’s day and we made scales. Then they cut out money and made envelopes. They wrote new year luck on the coins. Ta da!! Classroom door success!
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