29 Cool DIY Paint Stick Projects

When you buy a gallon or a barrel of 5 gallons of paint at any household goods store, the stick is free. Wood paint stirring rods can be used not only to stir paint. With a hands-on attitude and a little creativity, they can be used to create a variety of craft projects and other materials, such as fabrics and glue.

In this article today, we have collected some great projects that you can use to inspire you with these amazing multifunctional paint stirring rods. Some wooden paint stirring bars have been skillfully upgraded to functional and decorative household furniture, such as trash cans, table chutes, breakfast trays, paint stick lanterns and so on. Others include DIY flower boxes used as centers, key chains for paint rods, sunshine mirrors, address tags, and paint mixing art, which are also very useful upgrades or readjustments.

Browse the photos of these stick projects to find more creative stick projects and how to make them yourself.

Paint Stick Breakfast Tray

7 Paint Stick Breakfast Tray