24 Fun and Easy DIY Sea Glass Craft Projects

Sea glass refers to the artificial abandoned glass which loses its edges and corners and becomes as smooth as pebbles after a long time of polishing by sea water or sand on the beach. It is called artificial sea glass. Some of them are manually polished.

We often find sea glass when we walk on the beach. The SEA GLASS project is very suitable for beach villas or any room that needs a navigational style. Sea glass can also be used to make cute fashion accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces or wind chimes.

There are 24 Fun and Easy DIY Sea Glass Craft Projects, which are the perfect choice for beach enthusiasts and ocean glass collectors. If you don’t have ready-made sea glass, you can buy it in a crafts store.

1. Rock And Sea Glass Art

1 Rock And Sea Glass Art

Source: pinterest.com