17 Great DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Storing your jewelry properly is a more important task than it seems. When done right, you shouldn’t need to spend any time looking for what you need, therefore the time you spend preparing what you are going to wear will be drastically lowered. Just imagine, all of your jewelry in one place but organized in a neat way that lets you preview each piece. Of course, you could go ahead and buy a jewelry organizer from the store but let’s be real, it will cost way more than its actual worth. The alternative is to make one by yourself. Huh, but don’t worry, it’s not nearly as hard to do as it might sound.

To achieve a fabulous look, we will need many different accessories like jewelries, necklaces and bracelets to embellish our outfit. But do you have a good place to arrange them? Can you find out your favorite earrings when you need it?

If the answer is no, then you should really check out our post today. We’ve collected up 17 great DIY jewelry organizer ideas for every girl right here!

4 Great DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas