30 Great Things You Can Do With Soda Cans

Have a lot of soda cans lying around the house? Instead of throwing them into the garbage or recycling bin, consider recycling them into something cool!

From gifts to fantastic home decorations, here are 30 great things you can do with soda cans. I hope you can find one or two projects you want to make.

24. Soda Can Necklace

I love this soda can necklace. This is such a gorgeous jewelry piece, and something that you can customize depending on what you need.

If you are looking for a unique handmade gift idea, this one is perfect. Or, if you need a special piece of jewelry for an upcoming event, create exactly what you need.
This is a great project for teenagers and so easy to do.
25 Amazing Things You Can Do with Empty Soda Cans
Source: cutoutandkeep.net