30 Great Things You Can Do With Soda Cans

Have a lot of soda cans lying around the house? Instead of throwing them into the garbage or recycling bin, consider recycling them into something cool!

From gifts to fantastic home decorations, here are 30 great things you can do with soda cans. I hope you can find one or two projects you want to make.

26. Pencil Holders

Cut the top off those empty soda cans and use them to create these unique and very handy pencil holders. Kids will adore decorating these, or imagine what a wonderful gift they would make for a favorite teacher!

Of course they’re easy to make, as are most of these projects, and they can be fully customized and decorated however you want. Covered with cork, they’re versatile and so adorable!
27 Amazing Things You Can Do with Empty Soda Cans
Source: the3rsblog.wordpress.com