25 Paper Cups Crafts To Make

I started searching for the best Paper Cups Crafts and I find not too many solutions. On the other hand, I'm pleasantly surprised, because it's so much on the internet! Who would have thought that the paper cups you could make so many wonderful and interesting things, and at the same time make you have fun! Today's project is easy and interesting. It can also play with children who enjoy it.

In today's article, I share with you 25 projects made ​​from paper cups. I have a few projects that I created, and I hope you will find some interesting things that will inspire you!

Whale Paper Cups Craft

17 Paper Cups Crafts To Make
Kids Chaos shares her Creatures – Whale Craft (4min 10sec) – perfect for “Book & Craft” activities or for practicing the letters of the alphabet
Tutorial: kidschaos.com