10 Best Updos For Curly Hair In 2022

No matter what special occasion you are looking forward to, the choice of the right hairstyle is better to make beforehand. Curly hair updos are going to be very popular in 2016. Now if you want to have your hair raised into an elegant hairstyle, you do not have to flat iron it, braid it tightly or make any particular weave. On the contrary, you’ll benefit from drawing attention to the natural texture of your hair. I’m excited to present you 10 best updos for wavy hair, performed in the spirit of the latest tendencies.

Curly Updos 2018

What are they like?

First, let’s see what kind of weave is going to be popular in 2016. Well, it’s large loose curls that add volume to your hair and airy lightness to your whole image.
Stylists are convinced that braids endow the female image with elegance, neatness and even glamour. So, you can surely introduce elements of braiding into your curly updos.
Designers haven’t rejected buns either. They were presented in the latest collections from many famous brands.
Wet hair look is another trend in 2016 that can be used not only with loose hairstyles but in trendy updos for naturally wavy hair.
Light carelessness and a bedhead effect are the major trends of 2016. Updos are becoming looser. They look as if your hair hasn’t been worked on but rather got tangled in this intricate manner.

Best Updos For Curly Hair

#1: Royal Bun

This beautiful high bun on the crown will make you look like a Princess. Besides, it’s classic and is not ever going to be out of fashion.

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