15 Heart-Stopping Looks Featuring Rihanna’s Short Hairstyles

Rihanna is often referred to as a hair chameleon. Actually, she is also a skilled fashion chameleon, since it’s hard to find any other celebrity who would change her looks so drastically within relatively short periods of time. Following Rihanna, we can literally follow the freshest hair and make up trends. And each time the songstress looks different: sharp and bright, classy and sensuous, flashy and glamorous or at times even sincerely shocking… With short thick hair she can afford the maximum of experiments. I’ve sorted out the most stylish of Rihanna’s short hair looks, paired with trendy make ups, and here I am sharing them with you.

Being a renowned fashionista, Rihanna doesn’t shy away from any new trends no matter how avant-garde or even absurd they may appear. Forest green lipstick?.. No problem! Pink hair? Here you are… Even if it’s a wig for now, Rihanna won’t fear going permanent with a rather unusual color, though how permanent can a chameleon be? And, no secret, we love her for that, and she looks so cute going through all her chic metamorphoses. By the way, has anyone noticed that with short hairstyles the songstress looks a way better than with longer locks?

Why Rihanna Is So Gorgeous With Short Hair?

Being a hair chameleon, Rihanna rocks all kinds of lengths in all possible color variations, but short hair is something that flatters her incredibly. Why? According to David Kibbe’s “Image Identity” system Rihanna belongs to the Gamine type of appearance: a feminine angelic face and teen-age type of body build. Women, belonging to this type, often look rather grossly or older than their age when they try to enhance their femininity with pointedly feminine looks. With short hair and even with a simple boyish cut Rihanna looks fresher, sexier and more feminine than with longer hairstyles. So, we can conclude that short hairstyles are absolutely “hers”, something that flatters not only her face but her image in whole. Let’s see the pictures.

Rihanna Short Hairstyles

#1: Short Glossy A-Line Style

This extra-short A-line haircut with side sleeked bangs on Rihanna’s black relaxed tresses looks ultra chic and super flattering for her face. It draws attention to her trendy make up with turquoise eye-liner and nude lips.

1 black short hairstyle